How Boston are you?

Many people across the country or even the globe feel that they possess a pretty good knowledge of Boston. Hey, it's the capital of Massachusetts, there's a little elbow sticking off of it, how hard could it be, right?

Wrong. Boston is full of idiosyncrasies that even some native New Englanders don't know. Are you naive to these city secrets, or do you know every alley in the city of Boston? There's only one way to find out... my How Boston are You? quiz!

Created by: BostonianGrl
  1. Fill in the blank: Arlington, Berkeley, Clarendon, __________, Exeter.
  2. If you hear someone say, "I love that dirty water," what are they referring to?
  3. To get to Southie, bang a left here.
  4. What the difference between "down the cellah" and "in the basement"?
  5. Which of the following is a popular tourist attraction that takes you around Boston?
  6. Which of the following places is/are considered part of Boston: Allston, Brighton, North End, South End, Fort Point, Roxbury, West Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan.
  7. If you spent the day on Newbury St., you probably spent the day...
  8. About how many people live in Boston?
  9. Which of the following does not exist in Boston?
  10. If you live on Beacon Hill, you are probably...
  11. What famous children's book has its roots in Boston?
  12. Which of the following was the first T station in America?

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