How Brockton Are You?

So you've lived in Massachusetts for a while.Congrats.YOu're used to traffic,crazy drivers,riding the T into Boston and rooting for the Red Sox and Pats.But what about Brockton?Are you from Brockton but feel left out of the Boston loop?Maybe you're looking for closure as to why the state forgot you even existed.

Now you can quiz yourself on the city that started it all.Brockton,the City of Champions.Are you a true Brocktonian?Do you speed down Belmont and take "The Highway" to Boston,Fall River and all points?Maybe you need a quick fix of caffiene at Dunkin Donuts..Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: James of Myspace
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  1. Who is the current mayor of Brockton?
  2. What is the local name for Route 24?
  3. On average,how many homeless people do you see in an hour?
  4. Thoughts on Myspace?
  5. When people ask where you are from,you say..
  6. When you overhear someone mentioning Main Street,you response is..
  7. Brockton's nicknames are...
  8. Belmont Street is famous because...
  9. How many Dunkin Donuts are there in the city?
  10. Where is the old Brockton High located?

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Quiz topic: How Brockton am I?