How well do you know the Boston Bruins?

There are many Bruins experts,but few real experts.If you're a Bruins expert than this is the quiz for you.There will be multiple choices so watch out.

Do you think you have the brain power to know everything a True Boston Bruins fan would?If you don't know ever thing it's okay this quiz can help you become the most knowledgeable Bruins fan ever.

Created by: Malaya

  1. How many Stanley Cups did the Bruins win?
  2. Who is the 2015 captain of the Bruins?
  3. When were the Bruins founded?
  4. Who is the youngest Bruins player drafted in the NHL?
  5. Where is Maxime Talbot born?
  6. What is the name of the Bruins mascot?
  7. What are the Bruins AHL (affiliate) team name?
  8. Which Bruins player is a left wing?
  9. What number is Adam McQuaid?
  10. Which team is the Bruins rival?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Boston Bruins?