Are You A True Bruin?

Okay so you want to take the Boston Bruins quiz eh? Well lets see if you have what it takes to be considered a true Bruin or if you are just an everyday band wagoner.

This quiz will provide you with the answer on a scale from 1-100 to see how much information you know about your team and to see if you qualify as a Bruin. Good luck!

Created by: Austin

  1. In game 4 vs the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2012-2013 eastern conference finals, who had the final shot on Tuukka Rask?
  2. Which goalie used to start before Tuukka Rask
  3. Which former Bruin was nicknamed the Tasmanian Devil?
  4. Who was the team that Bobby Orr scored on to win the Stanley Cup Finals against in 1970
  5. Who was the Boston Bruins 1st round pick in the 2010 NHL entry draft?
  6. What is the name of the Boston Bruins current goal song?
  7. When were the Boston Bruins founded?
  8. What number was Milan Lucic when he first played for the Bruins?
  9. What team did Tuukka Rask get drafted by?
  10. What was the score when the Bruins faced the Flyers in the 2010 Winter Classic?

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