How well do you know Merlin?

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A true fan of Merlin will actually spend time to cry about Arthur. A true Merlin fan will always obsess about Merlin--both him and the show. A true Merlin fan will worry about Camelot's knights and Gwen. And a true Merlin fan would take this quiz.

Are you a true Merlin fan? Do you know how Merlin feels--and how everyone else feels--throughout each episode? Have you watched Merlin's beginning? Endless end? Well, by taking this quiz, you'll know just how true a Merlin fan you are. Now call up your own dragon. Let him/her guide you through this quiz! (A Merlin fan would know what I'm taking about.)

Created by: knights.of.camelot
  1. How is Merlin related to Gaius?
  2. Why is Merlin close to Arthur?
  3. Who is Arthur?
  4. What's special about Merlin?
  5. Do Gwen and Arthur get married?
  6. Does Uther approve of Arthur's request to marry Gwen?
  7. Does Merlin ever call himself "Dragon the Great"?
  8. How many times does Merlin transform into an old lady?
  9. What happens when Merlin (as an old man) tries to cute Uther's illness with magic?
  10. Does Arthur grow to hate magic as Uther did?
  11. Is Morgana Uther's daughter?
  12. Why does Merlin save Morgana when she's about to die?
  13. Who kills Arthur?
  14. Who killed Mordred?
  15. What does Merlin do with Excalibur after Arthur dies?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Merlin?