Extremely hard Merlin quiz

This is a ridiculously hard Merlin quiz, so if you cannot answer some of the questions just remember that. I'm sorry about how hard they are but no one else had made one this complex. I am the world's biggest Merlin fan and I love it so much, so yes, anything you ask me I'll know, but I thought: why not see how much everyone else knows?

How will you do? How much do you know about Britain's BEST television show. There's action, drama, romance, suspense, friendship, magic, betrayal, mystery, emotion, fantasy, everything. What's not to love?

Created by: Morgana
  1. How did Sir Bedivere die?
  2. What is the Tiene Diega?
  3. What colour is the Great Dochraid's blood?
  4. When did Merlin realise Elyan was possessed in "The Herald Of The New Age"?
  5. What is Lancelot's surname?
  6. According to Gauis, you can expect Alined's behavior to be cowardly but what?
  7. A wilderin can't smell you if you smother yourself with what?
  8. Who reassured Morgana when she was worried about her magic?
  9. "Nobility is defined by –––––––––––, not by who you are." Fill in the gap in Gwaine's quote.
  10. What happened when Merlin spilled water from The Lake Of Avalon?

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