How Much Do You Know About The Programme 'Merlin'?

The programme, Merlin, is one of the best TV programmes ever made, in my opinion! Not only does it have a couple of hot guys in it, it's just so adventurous!

Find out if you are a Merlin geek, like me! (I'm not an actual geek, just a geek about Merlin!) Take this quiz to find out! And if you don't watch Merlin, get on BBC iPlayer now and type in Merlin, IT'S AWESOME!! X.

Created by: Merlin Crazy
  1. What gift does Merlin have?
  2. What colour hair does Arthur have?
  3. Who is Morgana's maid?
  4. Where does Merlin live?
  5. Who is Merlin's protector?
  6. Who is Uther?
  7. What colour hair does Gaius have?
  8. Who plays Merlin?
  9. Who is Gaius?
  10. What is Merlin to Arthur?
  11. What does Gwen's father do?
  12. What colour do Merlin's eyes go when he casts a spell?
  13. This has nothing to do with the programme, but who do I fancy out of the guys in Merlin?
  14. And finally, did you like my quiz? (No effect)

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About The Programme 'Merlin'?