Which 'Merlin' Character Are You?

Have you ever heard of the TV programme, Merlin? It's awesome! There are so many characters in it, but i have chosen just the main characters to feature. X

Which Merlin character are you? Will you be the brave Arthur, the gifted Merlin. the stubborn Uther, the wise Gaius, the beautiful Morgana or the sweet Gwen? Try this quiz to find out! X

Created by: Mimi Fitz
  1. Which of these words do you prefer?
  2. Which of these words describes you most?
  3. Are you male or female?
  4. Are you attracted to males or females?
  5. Do you like magic?
  6. Do you think you are handsome/gorgeous?
  7. Which of these do you think you are most in life? Don't lie, now!
  8. Are you of royal blood?
  9. Where do you live?
  10. Are you good at cleaning things? Be honest!

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Quiz topic: Which 'Merlin' Character am I?