chapters 5, 6 and 7

Some accounts describe two different figures named Merlin. For example, the Welsh Triads state there were three baptismal bards: Chief of Bards Taliesin, Myrddin Wyllt, and Myrddin Emrys (i.e., Merlinus Ambrosius).

it is believed that these two bards called Myrddin were originally variants of the same figure. The stories of Wyllt and Emrys had become different in the

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  1. Accelerations are produced by
  2. The acceleration produced by a net force on an object is
  3. when an object reaches terminal velocity its acceleration is
  4. a force of 3n accelerated a mass of 3 kg at the rate of 1m/s. the acceleration of a mass of 6 kg acted upon by a force of 6 n is
  5. A rock is thrown vertically into the air. At the very top of its trajectory the net force on it is
  6. Pressure is defined as
  7. if the force acting on a cart doubles, what happens to the cart's acceleration
  8. a 20n falling object encounters 4n of air resistance. teh magnitude of the net force on the object is
  9. an object has a constant mass. a constant force on the object produces constant
  10. a sportscar has a mass of 1500 kg and accelerates at 5 meters per second squared. what is the magnitude of teh force acting on the sportscar?
  11. a 6n falling object encounters 6n of air resistance. the magnitude of the net force on the object is
  12. An unfortunate bug splatters against the windshield of a moving car. Compared to the decelerations of the car, the deceleration of the bug is
  13. Bronco is skydiver falls toward Earth. the attraction of earth on bronco pulls him down. the reaction to this force it
  14. a woman weighing 550n sits on the floor. she exerts a force of
  15. as a 600 n woman sits on the floor, the floor exerts a force on her of
  16. if you exert a force of 12,000 n on a 3,000 kg car and a 6,000 kg truck that are both originally at rest, what will be the resulting accelerations of the objects?
  17. at the instant a ball is thrown horizontally with a large force, an identical ball is dropped from the same height. which ball hits the ground first?
  18. a projectile launched horizontally hits the ground in 0.8 seconds. if it had been launched with a much higher speed in the same direction, it would have hit the ground in
  19. an airplane flying into a head wind loses ground speed, ad an airplane flying with the wind gains speed. if an airplane flies at the right angles to the wind, then ground speed is
  20. which best approximates teh resultant of a pair of 6-unit vectors at right angles to each other?
  21. what is the resultant of a 3unit vector and a 4 unit vector at right angles to each other?
  22. a ball is thrown straight upward at 10 m/s. ideally the ball will return to the thrower's hand with a speed of

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