Could you survive in Paleot's coven?

For all of you fans of the writtings of Luna on the iPod app "Vampires Live" by Storm8, please enjoy this quiz relating to chapters 1 through 25 of her online tale. If you have not read it, feel free to access it at the end of this quiz! Enjoy.

Paleot has you in his grasp just like he had Luna! But can you survive his vicious entry into your afterlife? Time to find out if you truly could live up to Luna's legacy and live through a life in Paleot's Coven!

Created by: Luna
  1. You're in the stolen casket with Benny when the lid starts to rise! What do you do?
  2. The Coven Master is asking you if you saw an evil vampire pass by not too long ago. You respond...
  3. The Coven Master offers you a possition in his coven, or death? You...
  4. You awaken and the coven lord tells you his name is Paleot and asks for yours. Do you tell him it?
  5. You realize Paleot is your new Master. How do you feel?
  6. You and Benny are being attacked by the rogue clan member. You...
  7. You've run, like the Coven Master ordered and you just now realized that you're completely alone and free of the coven. How do you react?
  8. You and Benny agree to make a slave of the lone wolf, but as you begin to feed, you see his wish for death. Do you grant it?
  9. You've decided to enslave the wolf pack and teach them to defeat Paleot's clan. Where do you tell them to aim?
  10. The coven is after you! Ahhh! Quick! What do you do?
  11. Paleot has you in his grasp and is about to sink his teeth into you! You...
  12. TIME FOR TRAINING! Do you comply to Paleot's will?
  13. You're back with the coven and Lily is disrespecting you at every turn! You...
  14. Paleot just thrust Lily into the flames! How do you respond?
  15. The coven is destroyed and the ashes are scattered. You now walk alone with Paleot at your side. Are you ready for this new future?

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