Red Hands ...(part 5)

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It's been so long since I made part 4, so long infact I'm not even sure if my old fans remember about this series, and I apologize for that. I'm sure SOMEBODY has been waiting for this. Congratulations fan, your prayers have been answered!

So I really hope my "fan" will enjoy this, and that I won't disappoint him/her, or possibly them. Remember that it has been awhile and some details might have been forgotten so feel free to retake the previous chapters, or take them for the first time if you're new to this series

Created by: Weaux

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  1. "It's not an easy job," She said slowly. "But a job has to be done, no mater how awful you might feel," She laughed heartlessly under her breath, as she stared at a guilty minion. "People drift apart, hearts break, people die, it's bound to happen," She pulled the black hood over her head, and her grim smile grew wider. "Sometimes they just need a little push."
  2. ~ As Upton aproached the dully gleaming object in the sand, he couldn't help but noticing a subtle movement obscured by the nighttime darkness. He squinted his eyes in some fruitless effort to develope his own night vision. "Hello?" he called out. The mysterious silhouette seemed frantic, but remained silent nevertheless. "Who's there?" a nearly inaudible whisper of curses was all he was able to receive in response. "...I can see you." he informed bluntly. There was a surrendered sigh reliesed into the quiet night air. "Oh, hi Upton! How's your life been living itself... here.. today... I mean being alive... here... tonight...? You know?" Beverley tried to put up a facade of mock enthusiasm, but it did little to mask the inner recognition of total defeat he was currently facing. "What the hell?" Upton quickly cleared his throat. "Um, not that I'm not happy to see you but, what are you doing here?" he was mildly shocked but tried to sound apologetic. "Well a friend of mine invited me here last minute. I didn't know it was the same place you'd be at." he stepped closer towards him purposefully placing his foot directly on top of the metal object, not going unnoticed by his curious friend.
  3. "AHHHHHHHHH!" Upton turned around sharply to see Genevieve on her back. "No my dress!" the water trickled down her back as she stood up. Upton carelessly ignored her, and went to diverted his attention back to Beverley, but he was gone, and so was the object. "Babe! I'm gonna go see if Nadine can let me borrow a towel okay?" Upton mentally face-palmed himself at the fact that she had just called him 'Babe'. "Okay!" he called back at her awkwardly. She quickly climbed back inside the mansion to retrieve her sought after towel, while Upton was off to retrieve something of his own.
  4. Beverley limped in the dark woods, carefull not to leave a trail. He sat down by a tree and took of his shoe. He had cut his foot on the knife in an attempt to prevent Upton from seeing it. But he didn't come unprepared. He reached inside the pocket of his black hoodie and pulled out a bandage. Once he had placed it on his foot he was up and funcioning properly again and was headed back to the lake house he hadn't found out everthing he needed to yet.
  5. ~ "Nadine? I need a towel!" Genevieve yelled obnoxiously in the hall before she turned into the bathroom to help herself to the warm, fluffy, absorbant, towel she needed. She sang quietly to herself as she dried her hair and stared at the mirror. "Gen?" "In here!" she respoded in a giddy singsong tone. "Oh. Ehm. Gee. Your dress! Your hair! How are you not having a total meltdown right now?!" Nadine asked in shock. "Oh Nadine, Nadine, Nadine, Nadine, Nadine, Nadine, Nadine, Nadine, Nadine, Nadine, my naïve little roommate Nadine." She giggled. "When you have a love as strong and passionate as me and Upton do, you learn to enjoy every little detail in life." "You're cray." Nadine sighed. "I'm in love Naddie, some day you'll understand, but until then you have to please try and not be so jealous of me and my perfect fiancé?" she dried the hem of her skirt with a love sick smile. "Fiancé? He did not just propose to you!" she gasped in disbelief. "Well not yet anyway, but I mean, come on, he couldn't be more obvious." she spoke from pure positive imagination. "Gen, I love you," Nadine looked her sternly in the eye. "But he so isn't going to propose to you anytime soon." Genevieve scoffed. "Haters back off." she said, and she turned to the mirror and applied a severe over abundance of red lipstick.
  6. ~ "Bronwen." She slung the hair out of her face as she looked over her shoulder. "What?" she asked dryly. "Why did you leave? I needed to talk to you." Beverley asked. "You said you wanted answers. I'm sure you've learned alot since you asked for them." she raised an eyebrow and looked toward his plam. He followed her eyes and saw the knife resting in his hand. "Did you put this in the display?" he began to feel an inner anger, and his breath caught in his throat. "No, but I know who did." she smirked. "Who?" The anger in his eyes was quickly replaced by a gleam of hope. "I have a plan, and if I want it to work it is imperative that you know nothing about it." Beverley thought this as being and an intense, important moment but Bronwen managed to make it seem light and fun as she laughed softly. "What?" he was completly lost. "Cofused?" she asked. "Yes." he replied innocently. "That's the way I like it." she gave him a thumbs up, and walked away slowly.
  7. Bronwen had just leaft when Upton found him. "There you are." he said. Beverley quickly put the knife in his pocket. "Oh, hey." He felt very uncomfortable being around him knowing that he looked so suspicious in the middle of the woods at a party that he wasn't invited to. "Yeah, I was just going to head back now." Beverley excused himself. He took a step towards the house when a sharp pain shot up his leg. "Ouch!" he exclaimed. "What's wrong?" Upton rushed to his side. "I-It's nothing, really." he was able to take another step but he was limping badly. "You don't look so good." he sounded worried. "Don't worry about it I'm fine." Upton didn't fall for his casual dismissal. He crouched down by his wounded foot and immediately spoted blood being absorbed by his white tube sock. "You're bleeding. Sit down and take you're shoe off." Beverley didn't know how to react, so he simply followed orders and took off his shoe revealing a bloody gash on the sole of his foot.
  8. "How did you get this?" Upton asked. "I stepped on something. I thought I fixed it." He said under a shaky breath. Uptons mind flashed back to the shiney object in the sand. Beverley hid it under his foot, but what was it, and why was he hiding it. "What did you step on?" He asked. "Uh... I don't, I don't remember." he stumbled. "Don't lie to me. What was that thing in the sand?" Beverley tried to find a way out of it, but he was lying to his closest friend, if he could'nt share the truth with him, he had no one else to turn to. It was all to much presure. He had to come clean before he was too far into his lies to back out. "This." he nervously reached into his pocket and pulled out the grotest looking knife, showing it to Uptons curious eyes. "Where did you find that?" Upton asked in shock. Beverley's throat was aching. If he told him where this came from it could affect the future drastically, but what if he didn't? ".......It was Under your bed."
  9. So I answered the age old question you probably had long forgotten about. I know this explains nothing yet, but I promise to (try to) start making parts more consistently from now on, or atleast more often then every other three months because that's just pathetic. e_e
  10. I still need motivation, so COMMENT, RATE, LOVE MEEEEE, and keep an eye out for new parts! Bye!

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