Dannica's Announcement

Thank you for taking this! Um, so yeah just email me if you have any concerns or comments or you can just comment, I guess; whichever's easier for you!

And this is really important so just take it okay because i don't want this going unnoticed and then people would start nagging about me for getting Part 14 or Part 4 out and really, the matter is out of my hands.

Created by: Dannica
  1. So. I just came here to tell you something about my series Confinement and the mash-up series Unforgotten Secrets.
  2. And no I'm not going to stop, guys, calm down, don't jump to conclusions. I know you guys really miss Meet Me Halfway (at least I think some of you do), and I wouldn't want to cast upon you yet another unfinished story.
  3. BUT, I have some mishaps. So, some of you may know that I pre-writ these things on my Blackberry, right?
  4. Well I have the old-school type because that's the one I prefer, and the ball thingy for it has gotten flat and stuck and lopsided and it wont move at all.
  5. So because of that, I can't write on and I also can't type it out on here because usually I just copy the words from my phone since it's easier, more efficient, and faster.
  6. And it may not seem like a big deal for you guys, but not only is my phone used to write my stories, but it's also my phone, so I can't really use it except for calling, which isn't all that fun when you don't have much friends.
  7. And I know you may ask, "Why don't you just type it all down by yourself without your phone? It's your story, shouldn't you remember it?" Yes, I could do that. I do remember my own story, and I remember what parts go where and all that, but I can't remember every single detail. When I type it on my phone, I literally mean it when I say I can write anywhere. I can do so in my bed, at the grocery, on an airplane, at the park, which gives me tons of inspiration of what to write about. And I'm into detail and making it life-like and making it feel like you're actually in the story. And I have so much planned, and I wouldn't want to mess it up.
  8. And I told my mom about it, and she said that we were going to go to the Sprint store to see how much the ball costs, because I'd rather just get that than a new phone, because new phones take longer, and I'd really hate to keep you guys waiting.
  9. So unless and until I get my phone fixed, there will be no Confinement. I don't know about Unforgotten Secrets unless Comet wants to type it out for a little because I also pre-wrote that on my phone and I had it all organized and it just gets my frustrated because I feel like I have to do so much and that I owe you guys, but please bear in mind that I don't have all the time in the world.
  10. Because I have to juggle writing two stories at the same time, and then I have other sites I need to attend to, and then I have to maintain somewhat something of a sliver of a social life, and then I also have freshman orientation and registration coming up and I'm already stressed that I'm going to be at the bottom of the food-chain again when I go into high school, and I just feel like I have so much on my plate right now; but I promise as soon as I get my phone fixed I'll publish it as fast as I can, okay?
  11. So please, just wait a little longer and I promise I'll get it out. Thank you for taking this, and I'm sorry if this wasted your time, just please understand. Okay, that is all, thanks. And if you want to talk to me, my email is in Part 13 of Confinement in the first two paragraphs. So if you have any questions or want to give me some enlightenment before I go into high school please do so; I don't bite! :D

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