Unforgotten Secrets Part 3

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Created by: CometDannica

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  1. It was eight o'clock, and Alex was still a no show. And of all the people on my birthday I couldn't believe that he"” "Bring out the cake!" The music stopped short, and suddenly people were moving out of their way to make an aisle, with me in the middle. Then I saw Ash holding my birthday cake, candles lit, walking down the aisle slowly and dramatically to me while people started clapping. Christofer joined me by my side. "Sorry," he said through a fake smile, trying to put on a good show for everybody. "It's not your fault," I said, doing the same thing. I paused. "It's his." A chorus of Happy Birthday started, and some others from the Core started singing this version that made me feel kind of sad that I was getting older. I blew out the candles as people started taking pictures with me, smiling and laughing, ready to post it up on Facebook or something. Did the Core have that kind of stuff? Point blank: those pictures were with Christofer and me. Not Alex. It should have been, but it wasn't. Boyfriends came before guy best friends, right? Wasn't that how it was supposed to be? Either way, I wasn't happy. Not as happy as I would have been if Alex was there. And I know I sound like a whiny little baby, but I loved Alex. I loved him and he loved me, and lovers weren't supposed to forget each other's birthdays. In fact, they're supposed to be the ones that greet you first and spoil you at a bunch of different places and throw you a surprise party. But no. It was Christofer that did that. My ex-lover. My ex-boyfriend. Ex. And it wasn't supposed to be that way, as much as I loved and appreciated it.
  2. After the cake was the presents. Apparently, birthdays in the Core wasn't the same as birthdays in the real world, such like funerals. They didn't give colorfully wrapped gifts of clothes or candy or toys. No sire, they give you something out of their own home/ So the majority of my presents were basically knick-knacks and kitchen appliances (which Mom would like a lot since they were free). But the more modern party attenders such as Sarah and Cole and Bella? Well they know how to get a girl some gifts if you know what I'm saying. After saying the thank-you's and talking some more and more picture taking and lingering, it was time for everybody to go home. I hugged most of the people goodbye as they left. Even the people I didn't know, but that was alright if they cared enough to show up. Sadie and Chant had to leave earlier than the rest, because Chant's mom still wasn't okay that they were back together, but she was getting used to it, I think. Then Sarah and Cole went up to me, hang in hand. I was wondering where Bella was, then out of the corner of my eye I saw her and Ash together in the corner, her hand on his shoulder and a grin on his face.
  3. "Happy Birthday again," Sarah said, pulling me out of my mind and giving me a hug. Cole stayed off to the side a little. He wasn't used to interacting much, so I'd like to think, with all his isolation when he was banned from the Core. "Thanks. And thanks for coming to my party," I replied, pulling off a smile to the both of them. "I hope to see you guys again soon." Sarah laughed and linked her arm with Cole's. "Don't worry. You will. I can just see it now." She smirked, and they were on their way out the front door.
  4. Bella left last. She helped clean up, but I think it was more flirting than cleaning. She hugged me before she left, just like everybody else, and then Ash joined her outside, probably giving her a goodnight kiss or something romantic like that. I sighed and sunk down into the couch, hoping it would swallow me up. It was nine thirty, and Alex hasn't called, hasn't texted, hasn't shown up. "You need a ride home?" I looked up and saw Christofer hovering over me, a look of sympathy, I think, on his face. Great. Now even Christofer felt bad for me. I shook my head and got up from the couch. "I think I just might walk." I gave him a hug. "Thanks so much for the party. It means so much to me." He nodded and then let go, giving me a small smile. Ash went back inside with a loved up expression on his face. He grinned at us and put his hands on his head. "Chris. Remind me again why I refused to have a girlfriend before?" My leg twitched. "I'm going to go now. Bye guys." Christofer walked me to the door, and then gave me one last embrace with a, "I'll drop by tomorrow and give you your presents." I gave him an okay, and then started walking away from the house, hearing the door close behind me. And then I was alone. I walked along the sidewalk, hugging myself with my arms against the slight breeze of the summer evening. Then I heard my name being called, and footsteps hammering my way. I turned around. I knew that voice. And just as I suspected, I saw Alex running his way towards me.
  5. I took my phone out of my back pocket. Nine forty-six? Yeah, I didn't think so. I spun around fiercely and continued on walking, quickening my pace. "Wait!" he called from behind me. "________!" Fck. I whipped around in rage. "What, Alex? What do you want?" When he caught up with me he was breathing hard. "Happy Birthday." I shook my head and made a move to turn around again, but he took my arm. "Hey. Listen, I screwed up, okay?" I jerked my arm away. "Yeah, I kind of realized that, thanks." I turned my back on him and resumed on my voyage home. I heard a sigh, and then Alex was in front of me, walking backwards. "Princess." "Alex, you know what Christofer did for me today? He called me at twelve in the morning to say happy birthday, he got me frozen yogurt, bought me a shirt that I wanted, he got me a freaking ring, and"”to top it all off"”he threw me a surprise part. That's what Christofer did. My best friend"”my ex boyfriend. What have you done? Nothing. You didn't do anything. How am I supposed to forgive you for that?" Alex hung his head and rubbed his neck, biting his lip. After a few seconds he looked up at me with those electrifying icy blue eyes that I fell in love with and said, "Because I'm incredibly handsome and have a romantic picnic waiting for you at the park to make up for it?" I gave him a look. "Alex." He took my hand in his. "Please, just let me explain." He paused. "And I really do have a picnic. And I really, really am handsome." I tolled my eyes, taking my hand away. "Fine."
  6. "Dude, why didn't you tell anybody you had a new power?" Jayden shrugged. "Nobody asked. And I didn't want you guys to be jealous, you know?" Omar nodded sarcastically. "Yeah. We'd be so jealous." Jayden was in a rush. A big time rush. He didn't want to tell Omar about Aaron, because then it would just take more time having to explain everything. It would just be better if there was a huge distraction and he could get Aaron himself. Hence the prank. Jayden had developed this new power to create illusions. He's never tried it before; at least, not an illusion as big as this one. "Ready?" he asked. Omar nodded hesitantly. Jayden closed his eyes, imagining the monsters to come to life in the castle. "Wait!" His eyes snapped open and his eyes flicked to the window. "What?" Omar was rubbing his hands together. "What if we get in trouble?" Jayden couldn't help but smirk. "All the sheit we do and you're worried about getting in trouble now?" Omar shrugged one shoulder. "I don't know, man. It's just 'cause this is the Ortu Cinis, you know? What if we get in serious trouble?" Jayden and Omar shared a serious look with each other. Then they started laughing. "They couldn't do that," Jayden said. "We're way too important." And I'm not going to be here anyways, he said in his mind. Sorry, Omar. "I'm going to do it now, okay?" Omar shook his head yes. "Will it affect me too?" "Yeah, that's what makes it fun." "Right. Okay, go ahead." Jayden closed his eyes again, and freed his mind of all things except that one image. It was his job to give it life. Sort of. Suddenly he felt a weight lift his shoulders; like he found enlightenment for one moment. And then it was gone. His mind was back to normal again.
  7. "Dude," he heard Omar say from behind him. "Dude dude dude dude dude, dude!" Jayden opened his eyes, and almost jumped out the window. In front of him were the manticores that he had imagined in his own mind. They were maybe ten of them, and they were getting bigger by the second. They each had long, scorpion-like tails and equally long, sharp teeth hanging from their mouths, and a nasty, matted mane that resembled one such like a lion. They were jumping around the castle, tearing down everything in their paths, destroying what they could get their hands on. But of course it was just an illusion. To him, anyways. Jayden turned to Omar, smiling at his shock. "It's not really happening. That's the point of an illusion, right?" Omar didn't get to answer, because there was a shrill scream that echoed through the castle, bouncing of the stone walls, which awakened everybody. Suddenly he heard the familiar voices of the guys and the heavy clangs of the uniforms of the knights and guards. There was a loud snarl, and he knew that that White Fang. Omar was freaking out. "There's going to be a freaking war in here, man. How do you control them?" The truth was, Jayden hadn't thought about that. Crap. "Uh, did I tell you this was my the first time doing a big illusion?" Omar stared at him dumbfounded. "No!" Jayden grinned innocently. "Well now you know."
  8. Then out of the blue appeared Shane and Drake. They were trying to fight one of the manticores, and maybe if Aaron wasn't roaming around aimlessly who knew where, Jayden would have laughed at them. In fact, he did laugh at them, since they were just stabbing and punching at the air. But he still needed to get Aaron. Stupid Aaron. What was he doing? Jayden stopped himself. He knew he was stupid too, by doing this. "Yeah, but I did it with class," he muttered under his breath. "And I'm still hot." He took another look at Drake. Sorry, big bro. Then he jumped out the window.
  9. Omar was still freaking out while Shane was yelling that he needed help, asking why he wasn't doing anything. You don't even know, Shane. You don't even know. He was starting to feel bad for all of them. Especially Klaus, because he bet it took a lot of energy to release his power. Especially since he was older than the rest of them. Way older. Who knew how old, really. "Where's Aaron?!" his ears pulled out from all the commotion. He cocked an eyebrow. "Hey, where IS Aaron?" he asked as he turned to Jayden. But Jayden wasn't there. Then there was a howl. Omar ran to the open window and stuck his head out just in time to see a wolf run into the forest. He turned his head back to the fiasco in the castle and ran a hand down his face. "I'm in trouble now."
  10. Nex welcomed Oath without hesitation. He promised power, and she believed him. He promised invincibility, she took it. People already feared her with what she had before Oath. And to have even more? She was hungry for it. Hungry for it all. So she let Oath take over her; read her thoughts, taste what she tasted, lived her memories. All of it. And she didn't regret it at all. She loved it, in fact. Loved every bit of his venomous mark and his dark mind in hers. It felt better than feeding on humans, and that was a lot to say. Nex still had some control over her body: front and hind legs, breathing, brain, language. So it was just like not having Oath. But he talked to her sometimes. In whispers, though. Caressing her thoughts and influencing her to do things. Most of the the time she dd them, but only because she wanted to, too. And then she felt Oath stumble upon the memory of Klaus. 'A god he is?' Oath asked her. Nex nodded, as if she were having a conversation to an actual being in front of her. She heard Oath laugh. 'Take me to him.' Nex put on a confused look. But why? she asked herself. She heard a low snarl in her head. 'Because he has more power than you, and that's what I need. But don't worry, dear, I'm not done with you just yet. You'll still get what I promised you. Just stay with me, and we'll be indestructible.' Nex howled to the sky, and then started running to her master's commands, sprinting to the Ortu Cinis.

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