Confinement Part 6

Announcements: This part is longer than my others, and there's not much of the guys, but it's really suspenseful, and there will be more romance as the next parts roll by, don't worry!

And for the mashup, Comet and I have been emailing each other back and forth, and I'll be writing the first few parts since she can't get on her laptop until August. We've been playing with ideas, and the title is going to be Unforgotten Secrets c:

Created by: Dannica

  1. Stringing my way through an entanglement of bodies is not an easy task. First off, it cast off a nose-pinching scent of sweat and perfume, which made me feel nauseated. Second, I was being shoved and shouldered and pretty much trampled on as if I were a doormat. And virtually nobody said sorry. Did this student body know what manners were? And thirdly, I had pretty much no clue to where my feet were taking me. Along with the conundrum of choosing which way to go if I didn't want to be stepped on, I had to navigate myself through a labyrinth of buildings that all looked the damn same. It was infuriatingly insane. It was only until the crowd started thinning out did I recognize the roaring sound of the fountain, and where I spotted a school adviser leaning against a pole. "Do you have a map of this place?" I asked lightly. "It's like, bigger than Disneyland." The adviser laughed. "You'll get used to it in time. And although we don't have maps, we can provide one of our upper classmen to give you a full, detailed tour if you'd like."
  2. I returned my schedule to my satchel zipper. "No, that's fine. As long as I know where my classes are. But which way to Rex Hall?" The adviser pointed out to go straight ahead down the corridor, and then turn on the first left. "You'll see the big sign out front, you can't miss it." I waved to her with a thanks of gratitude and was on my way. I ventured off, excited for my t.b and phone delivery, humming a song to myself and thinking that whatever Flame's favor was going to be, I was going to try and be distant about it. I wasn't looking for a relationship, and I doubt he was, either. Although I couldn't help but feel a little down about it. ~ Rex Hall was where the adviser said it was going to be. I walked into the ghostly Lobby and up the stairs, hearing the creak, and opened my room. I bought one of those Febreez air freshener things, where every thirty minutes it squirted out a blast of citric scent. I breathed it in and winced as nostalgia crept over me. The fume reminded me a little of home and a little of the hospital.
  3. The first thing I noticed was the t.v sitting on a coffee table across from the couch. It was all hooked up and everything, and I thanked the people in my mind who did that because I probably would have electrocuted myself trying to figure it out by my lonesome. Then I saw the corded telephone promptly on my study table next to my books, ready for use. I walked over to it and saw that next to the device was a laminated paper with the school extensions and numbers to dial if I needed to call anybody out of the school. I read through the list, trying to remember the speed dials that were already programmed into the phone. When I thought I had memorized it, I turned around to acknowledge Comet, who hadn't showed any sign that he was here at all. I saw him curled up in a ball in the corner of the room, baring his small teeth. "Comet?" He didn't respond to his name, but just continued on staring someplace else, trying to sink deeper into the corner. I followed his gaze, my stomach already turning, and almost jumped into the corner with him. Sitting in front of the t.v staring at the blank screen, was Olivia.
  4. I had to clamp my mouth with my own hand to muffle my own cry. I staggered back, bumping my hip painfully on the corner of the study table. I didn't so much as flinch from the adrenaline starting to pump through my veins. "O-Olivia?" The girl turned her head all the way around her body to face me. It was like her neck was a screw. I almost wanted to cover my eyes and run to the bathroom so I could puke. After a few seconds, her body turned just the same. I pushed myself closer to the desk, thinking that if I ever so tried to make a move she would think of it as a threat and do God knows what. She looked pale from the last time I saw her. She was pale, but otherwise she looked the same as before. "Can you speak?" I stammered, trying to form words to transfer from my brain to my mouth. Olivia did nothing but stare. Her eyes were different. Back in the hospital when she didn't have her little scenes, they were so full of hope and desperation and rebellion. But now? Now they were filled with something incredibly foreign to see on her face. Plead? Fright? Then her face broke out in a ghostly grin, and I jumped onto the study table, hugging my knees.
  5. I should have been used to this. I should have, but this was different because I knew her. I spoke to her, we were acquaintances. And then her grin vanished, but her mouth was kept open, like she was in shock.I waited for a few seconds, starting to feel clammy with my stomach getting tied up in knots. And then a liquid started pouring out of her mouth like a waterfall"”the black carpet getting even darker. I heard a squeal escape my mouth, my heart hammering against my chest, my eyes getting moist. The liquid was pink. It was pink and it smelled like bubblegum and I knew what it was. It was the antibiotics we were to take in the hospital if we got sick. And she...she was...I couldn't watch. I put my hands up to cover my eyes, them getting wet from my hot tears. I sat there for what felt like eternity, until I heard a meow. I uncovered my eyes one by one, and saw Comet by the t.v. No Olivia in sight. The carpet was the same shade, and the place in front of the screen was bare, just like when I first saw it. I carefully got off the table, my hand now moved to cover my mouth to stifle my slow sobs. I walked over to where Olivia sat, and copied her position. I squeezed my legs tight, hoping to stop my shoulders from shaking. What was wrong with me?
  6. Comet was by my side, stroking his head to my arm. I released one of my arms from the hold on my legs and pet him tenderly, my fingers still tingling. "You saw her too, huh?" A smile touched my face. "See, I'm not crazy. Unless I transferred it to you. You've been spending way too much time with me, boy. I think we need a break." I laughed, but it sounded like a choke from my slowed crying. Then there was knocking on my door. I sprung to my feet immediately and bore my eyes into the door, maybe thinking I had developed some sort of x-ray vision so I could see who it was. The door had no hole to peep through, and I was already scared sh**less. "Wh-Who is it?" I squeaked out, my voice scratchy and uneven. "It's the maintenance guy," said a deep voice from the other end. "I installed your t.v and your phone and I just dropped by to see if you had any issues."
  7. I shut my eyes for a moment, and then opened the door. In front of me stood a tall man with broad shoulders. He was wearing one of those dark blue one piece suits. On the top left of his suit was a white patch with the name Hawk scrawled on it in cursive. Then it came upon me that this was the man that nodded at me while I was waiting in the office. He smoothed back his copper hair with his gloved hand. "Are you alright? Your eyes are all puffy." I looked away, blinking the excess water away from my eyes, wiping them with my shirt. I turned back and tried giving him a smile. "Yeah, I'm fine. And thank you for installing the things. I'll let you know if I have trouble with them." Hawk narrowed his eyes. "Are you sure you're okay?" I forced a laugh. "Yeah, really, thanks for being so concerned. I'm just kinda homesick, you know?" The man relaxed a little. "Hang in there, kiddo. The school isn't as bad when you get used to it. Take my word; I just started here a week ago!" I nodded, gripping the doorknob. "Thank you." The man tipped his head, and then left, me hearing his footsteps clomp down the stairs. I shut the door and leaned on it, my palms making the knob all sweaty. My breathing was under control now, and my blood pressure was slowly lowering itself. Good. I walked over to my bed, really not in the mood. And then from the corner of my eye, I saw something strange. I walked over to my whiteboard where my big reminder was written for me. I squinted my eyes, and gasped.
  8. In the bottom left corner of the whiteboard was a short message, not in my handwriting. I eyed the capless green Expo marker laying there in the holder. I returned my eyes to the message, replaying the words in my head over and over again until my head started throbbing. It was two simple words. Two simple words that were written so small my face had to be centimeters away from the whiteboard just to decipher what it read. Two simple words that I muttered to myself until my mouth was sure going to go dry. Two simple words. "I'm coming." ~ Scratching. I had not the slightest idea why, but it always made me feel content. It only worked with leather, though. Leather and Styrofoam. So that's what I was doing. I was scratching. I was sitting there all proper looking on the couch, scratching at the leather and staring at the blank t.v screen, awaiting for the clock to read three twenty, so I could head out to the Town Square. But lunch time just started at the school. Three twenty was hours away. Comet purred, pawing at my leg. I sighed and got up, spilling his catnip into the bowl, and filled up his water jug. My stomach started begging for food, so I went into my cabinet where I stored all my goodies that I had bought at the Town Square and picked out a box of Coco Pebbles. I fixed myself a bowl of the cereal and ate quietly on my bed, since there was no table affiliated with the room. I could barely lift the spoon to my mouth without milk spilling from my shaky hand.
  9. I had erased the message from the whiteboard, and told myself that it was never there in the first place. That plan miserably failed. And to be honest, it wasn't the message that scared me itself, but it was the fact that an unknown being was in my room and had the ability to write that without being noticed. At some point I sought it to be Olivia. But she was already there, so the message wouldn't be so relevant. I washed my empty bowl of cereal and let it out to dry. Lunch had just ended, and it was twelve forty-five at the moment. I collapsed on my bed, staring at the ceiling. Something was wrong with me, that was for sure. But what I was also sure of was that I had to stop getting so worked up about it every time it happened. This was an exception, because it was Olivia, but any other time, no. I had something. A gift? A power? I don't know what to call it, but I had to know. I wanted to know. What's the symbolism behind the people I've been seeing? Who was that boy? Was the message meant to be a reassurance or a threat? There were so many questions that I wanted to ask, but the problem, I didn't know who to ask them to. I had this strange ability. I wanted to accept it. I didn't want to be like one of those dim-witted girls in the books or in the movies that ran away from it. I wanted to accept it. But how I could that when I had no idea what exactly my strange ability is supposed to do?
  10. It was three fifteen. School officially ended five minutes ago, and I could hear the voices talk and the many feet scuffling and the girls on my floor shutting their doors, their laughter bouncing off the walls. I had passed the time mainly doing two things: watching t.v (when I finally had the nerve to touch the thing) and making a set list for my first ever gig. I was going to do songs I knew by heart firstly, then if I succeeded I'd move on to learning new ones. On several occasions, I used my iPod to record myself singing acapella to see what I sounded like; and not to sound conceited or anything, but I thought I sounded pretty okay. I tuned my guitar and quickly set it in my case, ready to leave the dorm. As I was walking down the stairs I bumped into Reyna, greeting me with a smile. I told her that I was going to the Town Square, and that I had a job at one of the cafes there. She beamed and said, "Good for you! And thanks for telling me; you don't have to ask me every time then when it's time for your work, but other than that, please do." I nodded and hurriedly exited Rex Hall, careful not to jab anybody with my guitar on the way. I waited for the bus with some recognizable kids from school, and while I searched for a seat through the aisle, I received curious looks from wandering eyes. I took an empty booth in the back, my guitar occupying the window seat as the bus lurched forward. It was rather noisy on the way to the Town Square; way noisier than I was used to, but I took it as a chance to observe how these people acted outside school grounds. When the bus stopped, I was the last to exit. Before I could hop off the last step the bus driver told me to wait up. I turned and give him a questioning look. "Where you headin' with that guit'r?" I saw a hint of a smile on his slightly wrinkled face. "Got myself a job singing at a cafe, sir." The bus driver laughed. "Call me Gus, miss," I couldn't help but laugh along. "Call me ______, Gus." Gus nodded as if it were fair and then said, "Good luck, ______." My grip on the railing loosened up a little bit and I found myself smiling. "Thanks, Gus." And then I jumped off the bus and watched him leave.
  11. The cafe was packed and I instantly got nervous all over again. There were literally only maybe two tables available in the whole joint, one large one occupied by some girls I remembered seeing in the Lobby who were eyeing me down like I was their prey. Great. The room was how it usually was: dim lighted and warm and intimate, filled with small chatter from the patrons and the customers. The stage was already lit, and a microphone stand stood smack in the middle, just waiting for me to come to it. Dots' eyes widened when she saw me coming. She excused herself from talking with one of the other waiters and came my way with a grin on her face. "Ready?" I looked the crowd over again and tried on a smile. "I think so." Dots gestured me to follow her as she made her way to the center of the stage while I hung out on the side, removing my guitar. She tapped the mic to check if it was on and announced, "Can I have everybody's attention, please?" In synchronization all heads turned her way, and the room grew quiet except for some murmurs. Dots laughed. "Wow, great crowd tonight, might I say." That earned a few grins."I would just like to introduce our newest act to the stage. Bear in mind folks, this is her first time performing in this little cafe of ours, and I'd like you all to be courteous or we'll slip a little something in your next order." She laughed. "Please welcome my friend, _______ ______!" Holy crap that's me.
  12. I crossed my guitar strap over my shoulder, my fingers started to tremble as I entered into the light by people clapping their hands. I let my eyes get adjusted, buying myself some time by pretending to check if my guitar was in tune even though I knew it was. I looked out in the sea of people, able to see most of their faces. Dots returned behind the register and gave me an assuring thumbs-up. I put my mouth to the mic, hoping it wouldn't topple over or anything like that. "Hi." Oh my chicken wings why was I doing this again? I cleared my throat. "Um, I'm ____, as Dots said, and I'm going to be singing you guys a couple songs"”" "Obviously," I heard someone call out. I heard laughter from the table holding the Lobby girls. I felt my face redden and my hands get sticky. Dots gave them a cross look, although I doubt they saw her. "I-I hope you like it," I said quietly. Suddenly my nose felt all weird like someone was squeezing it and I knew what that meant and I wanted to punch myself in the face. Don't cry, I ordered myself. Don't cry or else you'll just embarrass yourself and people will feel bad for you. I will bulge your eyes out, don't you dare cry _____ _____, I mean it. I wiggled my nose until the feeling went away and then took a big breath, trying to forget that everybody in this room was looking to me for a good show, and that all eyes were on me, and that if my voice cracked and I screwed up I damn well screwed up. Yeah, that didn't help. But I started playing anyways.
  13. It was so far so good, I thought. I made it through three songs without any interruptions or rude comments or remarks, and I actually thought people liked me. I mostly looked at Dots for encouragement, though. She would always motion me with her hands if something needed to be fixed like my volume or my eye contact or if I wasn't smiling enough. Although I didn't see how I could be smiling when I was singing a song about a drug-addicted prostitute. Don't ask. But after every song I was finished with I always got a decent amount of clapping, and every round it would get louder, which really pumped me up. That is, until I was half-way through my fifth song and the bell above the door of the shop rang. I hadn't noticed the new person until I was midway through the chorus. He found one of the few remaining tables towards the back of the cafe and sat in one of the chars facing me. A waiter came by and mouthed something to him, probably asking what he would like to order. He said something in reply, and then the waiter left. He then continued on watching me with a crooked smile on his face. And after I sang the bridge of the song I almost lost it and stopped singing completely. Because I knew that smile. And I also knew that ring on his finger, that he was merely tapping on the table to the rhythm of my playing. And then we met each other's gaze, and I knew that I was correct. Those eyes could be seen from miles away. It was the boy. The boy in my dream"”the boy from the Lobby"”the boy who had told me to run. And he was most definitely real, as the waiter came back and handed him a cup of his drink.

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