Confinement Part 1

Confinement: A state of being confined; limited or restricted. ~ This part is more of the introductory, and it will gain momentum as I continue writing it. You guys know me (;

Although a guy is not introduced in this part, I figure to give you guys the names: Flame, Rave, Web, and Tallon. I think of the names as unique, so hopefully they can be more memorable c:

Created by: Dannica
  1. It was a new beginning, so my parents had said, on our way to my new school. Boarding school, to be exact. It was a complete drive of animosity. As if dumping me at the hospital wasn't enough. It has been a little below a month before I got out, spending my days with a volunteer high school student who needed extra community service hours, getting some tutoring and catching up on school stuff. Like that made me feel any better. Now I was a community in need of help. Great. We were driving down to my new residence with my dad behind the wheel and my mom taking the passenger seat, nobody speaking a word to each other. By either one of my sides were boxes of my favorite things that I wanted to bring alone: books, pictures, and some decor from my old room; along with some essentials, of course, and Comet. The school permitted pets, as long as they didn't stink up the dorms or cause any disturbances. That was one thing I liked about it.
  2. Strapped down to the roof of the car was my mattress, and in the trunk was my guitar and my luggage. Those were mine, and I intended to keep them mine, no matter what happened. The silence was excruciating. We were driving on miles end from Maine all the way to Pennsylvania, and the only sounds ever heard was maybe an hour of radio before everything turned into static noise, the boxes getting rattled by the car, and occasionally a little talking from my parents; neither directing the conversation to me, unsurprisingly. Comet purred and curled himself into a ball into my lap. I pet his soft coat, coaxing him to go to sleep. "We're almost there," Mom said. I smirked. "Mom? Is that you?" I heard her inhale a sharp breath. Before she could turn around in her seat and start her assumptions about my "fatal condition" coming back, I said, "I almost didn't recognize your voice. You know, since you haven't been talking to me ever since I got home." She sighed, and turned around anyways. "Honey, I'm just worried about you. We both are. I know you may think that we're abandoning you, but Dr. Chavez said it might be better if you got away for a while." I didn't reply. Instead, I plugged my headphones into my ears and blasted my iPod all the way up.
  3. "Wake up, sweetheart." My mind was fuzzy as I stirred in my seat, waking Comet up. I awoke to my parents' faces, a tired smile on them as my dad carried out a box so that I could get out of the car. I rubbed my eyes with a yawn, and scooped Comet up in my arms. I guess we were here. I stepped out of the car, landing on my two feet, and looked in the tinted car window to fix up my hair. "Come on," Mom urged. "Let's check you in and then get some help for your dad." She beckoned me to follow her, leaving Dad behind. I looked around. The place was left exactly how I left it the first time when I checked it out. The front of the school legitimately looked like the entrance to a theme park. In the middle was a huge arch with the school name embroidered on it with huge black letters. "James Dawn Boarding School," Mom announced in her best interpretation of an excited parent. We walked in, me holding onto Comet so tight I almost expected him to jump out of my arms. I followed Mom past packs of students, keeping my head down. The last thing I needed was my new arrival to be publicly announced while I hurried to keep up with my mom like a little child. She opened the office doors for me, letting me glide through before her. "Sit here while I talk to Mrs. Randall," she said, walking into another door. Right.
  4. Comet purred, making me want to cuddle up to him. Who needed boyfriends when you were a schizo diagnosed psychiatric patient with a furry pet to keep you company? Definitely not me. A few minutes into my wait and a couple of men shuffled out of the door that my mom went into. One nodded his head at me when he caught me staring and then exited the office. Those were probably the reinforcements for my dad, I thought. A couple minutes afterwards and Mom walked out holding a couple of papers, and a key for what I guessed was for my dorm.I stood up and followed her out, back into the naked eye of my fellow school mates. "You're going to be dorming in Rex Hall," she informed, slowing her pace so that she could walk into step with me. "I'm rooming by myself, right?" She squeezed my shoulder. "Of course, honet. We wouldn't want another student to make you uncomfortable." Same story short: They didn't want anybody to know about the crazy girl.
  5. When we stepped inside Rex Hall, Mom told me that I had two extra days to get adjusted. Meaning that, I didn't have to start classes just yet"”which was a good thing. We were standing in the Rex Lobby, where some girls were staring at me, looking up from their conversations or tearing their eyes away from the television screen. Mom was staring at the signs, deciphering which way to go. It seemed like eternity. An eternity of a staring match between the girls and me"”one in which I was apparently losing. Finally, my mom turned left and started walking past strings of doors. I followed behind her, going up the stairs to the second floor and stopped at the third room from the last row: Room 215"”which was already opened and occupied by my dad, who was spreading out the bed sheet over my mattress. My boxes and my luggage were lain down on my black carpeted floor, my guitar perched on a study table facing the window that overlooked the quad. I studied the room I was going to be living in and sat down on the school provided leather couch. The leather was comforting. "Done," Dad announced. I looked up and stood from the couch, laying Comet down to sit on the arm rest. Dad's arms were out as if he was presenting me a cat that I'd won. "Thanks," I said with a smile. As of right now, he was my favorite parent. He treated me like nothing ever happened. Like I was normal. I studied the room one more time. "I think I got it from here." Mom gave Dad a worried look. "Are you sure? We can help you rearrange and decorate?" I shook my head no. "I got it, Mom. I promise." And then came to the water works.
  6. Dad put a reassuring arm around her and said, "Call us whenever you need to, sweetheart." I nodded and then decided to walk over and join the little family hug. "I'll call you later tonight," Mom uttered between her sobs. "Okay, Mom. But you don't have to cry, I'll be fine here." Besides, you were the one that wanted me to go. I stepped back and dropped my arms. She wiped her tears away and tried smiling. "Do you have your pills?" I nodded. "Do you have your cell phone charger?" I nodded. "Do you have your laptop?" I nodded. "Are you going to take your pills every night like instructed?" I nodded, when I should have done the opposite. "Are you going to call us if you see something again?" I did it again. "Okay," she said uneasily. "I guess we'll leave now. Here's the key to the dorm." I took the key and safely pocketed it in my jeans. "We'll check up on you every week, alright? Behave yourself and do well in your classes." She paused. "I love you. We love you." I escorted them to the door, where they were standing outside the hall. "I love you guys, too. And I'll make you guys proud." Er, try to.
  7. Dad beckoned Mom to go ahead and wait for him, where she obeyed. "Be safe," he said. "Don't go too crazy at the parties." He winked and then chuckled. "It's not college, Dad, don't worry." I grinned and then pulled him into a hug. "I'll miss you. And tell Mom not to worry so much." He rubbed my back and then pulled away. "I'll miss you, sweetheart. And I will, don't you hesitate." He waved one more time, and then started walking down the hallway. I watched as the two of them descended down the stairs, and closed the door. Then I was alone.
  8. I started unpacking my boxes first, deciding to do my clothes last. Before that I gave Comet some milk that Dad brought along in a cooler and then later transferred to the mini fridge. I put my framed pictures on my nightstand beside my bed, and then propped my guitar case inside the closet before I could figure out where else to put it. I emptied out my books and placed them in order from biggest to smallest on the shelf that came with the room. I gently placed my laptop on my bed, figuring to hook it up later. I was in the middle of setting up Comet's little bed and his litter box (which thank the heavens doesn't smell at all, even when Comet does his business), when I heard a knock on the door. I ran to the bathroom to quickly wash my hands, and then jogged over to open the door.
  9. "Hi," greeted a woman whom looked in her early 30's with sandy blonde hair. She was holding a clipboard and wearing an outfit that matched the school colors: black and red. "I'm Reyna, your dorm adviser." She held out her hand and put on a sweet smile. I shook it, realizing it was still a little damp and turned slightly pink. "Sorry, I just washed my hands." She laughed. "No problem, sweety. I"m just here to see if you have any questions? I hear you brought along a friend; you know the policy about keeping pets, right?" I suck a quick glance behind my shoulder at Comet, who was lazing cozily in his bed, sleeping already. Lazy cat. "Yeah, I know. And uh, is there a place to get snacks or something for my room?" "We actually have a bus that stops a block away from the school that makes a stop at the Town Square, where there are a bunch of shops and farmer markets. You have to let me know before you leave, though, and you can't go after 8:30." I smiled to myself. That actually sounded pretty decent.
  10. "You can just leave a note outside your door, if you trust the other girls not to take it down, or you can just call me. Your phone and your t.v is being delivered tomorrow, if I heard correctly, but if you're planning on going today you an find me in the Lobby." I get a t.v? I smiled and said, "Okay, thanks." Reyna returned the smile and wrote something down on her clipboard. "Lunch just started, so if you want to go check out the other kids you're welcome to." She turned to leave, but then stopped. "And just a little warning: the girls here aren't accustomed to newbies, so they'll probably ignore you for a week or so. Just don't let them get to you." My head started hurting. "Thanks. I kinda wondered why they were looking at me like I was Godzilla when I first walked in." Reyna laughed. "Welcome to Rex Hall, hon."

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