Confinement Part 19

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Created by: Dannica
  1. "Ready?" Rave called from the main room (by that meaning his spot on the couch that he seems to like so much). "Yeah," I replied. I stepped out of the bathroom in my attire and stood in front of him. Rave wore an amused expression on his face, like he was about to laugh but didn't have the heart to in my face. So instead I asked, "What?" He shook his head with a grin. "Nothing, it's just that, I mean, we're going to save the lady not rob a jewelry store. No need for all the black." I rolled my eyes. "This is necessary. I mean, we can't just barge into wherever she is and be like, 'Oh yeah we saw that your head was going to be blown off so if you can come with us we'll be happy to save you!'" This time Rave laughed. "She's not going to see us. I don't think that's aloud, considering that if she did see us she would probably call the police and then we'd be involved in some sort of scandal that the media will make up whether it's true or not. I can assure you that we'll stay hidden." I clenched the ski-mask in my hand. "What if somebody accidentally sees my face?" "Then lucky them because your face is gorgeous."
  2. I stared at him, surprised by the compliment. "I"”uh"”" I tried regaining my composure ""”Fine, no black." Rave's amused mask remained unchanged, making me squirm. "How do we even know where she is?" He rose his eyebrows. "You don't know?" I gave him a look. Of course I didn't know; this was my first time! As if reading my mind (which he probably tried to do), he said, "I have to teach you that, huh?" I nodded. "Well, when a vision happens, you have to feel it. You have to watch everything that happens around you, and focus on who it is, and what they're wearing and"”well"”everything. It's simple." I put my hand on my hip. "Easier said than done." Rave stood up. "8 o'clock." I crinkled my forehead. "What?" "8 o'clock. That's when she'll be attacked. We have to get there by 7:45; her house is down Baker Street, and it's the red one with the cobblestone path flanked by small berry bushes."
  3. I looked at him with my mouth agape. "How did you"”" "I told you: you have to focus." "That's impressive." "You'll learn how to do it, and soon you won't be so impressed anymore." He smiled then, a small one, where the corners of his lips were only slightly raised. My face suddenly felt hot, so I looked down, hoping to change the subject. I tossed my ski-mask on the couch. "I'm not changing out of the black, actually. It's pretty comfy." Rave laughed. "Fine, but we need to get going." He then held out his arm for me to take. "To grandmother's house we go."
  4. Megan and Brittany sat on the bus, they're shopping bags jammed between their feet so that they wouldn't stray when the bus lurched left and right. Stephanie sat across them, looking out the window. Megan wondered why they hung out with her, because Stephanie rarely did anything except follow them and occasionally nod her head whenever her or Brittany or anybody else that talked to her asked her a question. But as long as she wasn't annoying, Megan guessed it was alright. Her focus turned away from Stephanie, and now was on to Brittany, who was scrolling through something on her phone. "Brit?" Her crown of blonde hair turned up from her phone. "Yeah?" "Do you like that new girl?" Brittany frowned. "Megs, you threw a slushie at her. Of course not." Megan blow the hair out of her face. "Do you think Flame likes her?" There was a pause, and something started stirring up in Megan's stomach. "I thought you were over Flame." "Yeah, but I mean, I'm a girl. I'm over him, but it still haunts me. I mean, doesn't it bother you? Even though you broke up with him"”" "Don't," Brittany snapped, her eyes cold as stone. "Don't bring that up."
  5. "Sorry," Megan murmured under her breath. Brittany"”not seeming to hear"”fiddled with the collar of her shirt. "I think it's best that you just don't think about it. Right, Stephanie?" Megan glanced over, and even though Stephanie obviously wasn't listening, she nodded anyways. Megan suddenly felt annoyed. "Well maybe you should have just forgotten about it, Brittany. You broke up with him, and yet you were the one sobbing in your bed." Brittany's glare was almost frightening, yet her voice was calm. "Megan. I'm your friend. I'm looking out for you; that's what friends do. I know Flame, okay? And I know what kind of person he really is. I'm just trying to help you before you fall too deep." She sounded exhausted, Megan thought, her random irritation fading away. "You never told me what happened."
  6. Brittany sighed sadly. "He broke up with me." She held up a hand to Megan before she could say anything about it. "I know, it's dumb that I lied about it, but it was because I was embarrassed. You see, when I first started going out with Flame, everything was alright. It was a playful relationship, a lot of flirting and small kisses"”nothing serious. But then, I wanted to get a little more serious. And over time I thought he was getting bored. So I tried sleeping with him. But he refused. Afterwards he broke up with me, and started going out with Briana Mason before she moved away. That b"”tch." Megan let out a big breath, and touched Brittany's shoulder. "I'm sorry, Brit. But you should have told me. I only started liking Flame because you said you were okay with it." Brittany flipped her curly locks over her shoulder. "It's fine. Really, I don't mind. And you should totally go for him. The new girl is kind of weird."
  7. "I agree," said Megan. "I mean, it's weird enough that she has her own dorm considering that she's not disabled or crippled, but I also heard that Reyna's goes up to her room every night." Brittany tucked her phone safely into her pocket. "The dorm thing isn't that weird--but the Reyna thing is." Brittany bit down on her lip. "Maybe it's time to find out a little bit more about the newbie."
  8. The still-strange whooshing noise flooded my ears, as the wind behind me fell back into a heap of nothingness, as flashes of purple and blue and indigo crowded through my eyes and rose up and down like a rollercoaster. Then I was sucked back into reality, landing on top of something hard with an oomph. "Thanks," Rave said with a groan. Confused, I shook my head away from the slight dizziness and saw that I was in fact laying on top of him. Before he could see my initial reaction I leapt off him faster than I would if I were walking on hot coals, with a murmured, "Sorry." I heard him chuckle softly, with his breathy and airy laugh, which was honestly, utteringly sexy. He got up and offered his hand, which I hesitantly took as he pulled me up to my feet. "We're here." I glanced around, and saw the exact setting that Rave had described back in my dorm. We were in some sort of wood-like place, and in the short distance separating us I could see a small cottage-like house, with intricate vines crawling up the peach walls and across the cheery red door. A cobblestone twisted and turned into a pathway, and there was a small light seeping through the blinds of the first floor.
  9. "How are we going to get in?" I asked, as we started walking towards the house in the dark night, the only light coming from the eerie lone street lamp outside the house and the incandescent moon shining above our heads. "Well, considering we can't go through the front door, I guess the only option is to go through the second floor." I crinkled my brow. "Can't you just Shimmer us there?" Rave smirked. "There's no fun in that, is it? Come on, this is your first Request, I should make it slightly challenging." I nodded my head sarcastically. "And you suppose we're just going to climb her house and break her window and hop into her room?" Rave glanced over at me with his amusing expression. "Exactly." We neared the house, only a few paces away from the front door. Then, we circled around until we were at the very back, where an entanglement of vines were criss-crossing each other to and fro, making it look like a gigantic, green maze. "Ladies first."
  10. I gave him a look, hoping that he was joking. But he just motioned with his hand to go on forth. "But what if I fall?" I asked, bewildered. He sighed. "You're not going to fall," he said. "Just trust me, you'll do fine." I waited just another moment, to see if he would have some sympathy and change his mind. No luck. So then I took a step towards the vines, scratching at my dark jeans, and put a foot atop the plant's tentacle. Then I started climbing. Higher and higher I went, not daring to look down. "You're doing great!" Rave exclaimed, as I heard him climb on below me. "Once you get to the window sit on the balcony-looking thing and wait for me." "Okay," I stuttered out, my hands shaking. Okay, so I know it wasn't that big of deal, climbing some vines to a second story house that looked like a mini milk carton, but I mean, the vines could have broken off any minute! So during the climb I let my thoughts cloud my mind, so that I wasn't thinking about anything (except hoping that my underwear wasn't showing"”God, how embarrassing). Finally I got to the small balcony-sort thing that Rave described, which resembled a large template, and sat atop it, waiting for him like he instructed.
  11. Finally Rave surfaced from the darkness, and sat along with me. Then he put his ear against the window, listening. Before I could ask, he was gone. Panicked, I started calling out his name just below a yell. Then I heard fiddling on the other side of the window, and contemplated on whether I should jump off or not. Then the window slid open, and Rave popped his head out. "Get in." Relief washed through me, and I almost laugh out loud at my ignorance. Rave wouldn't leave me. Dammit, he was my Savior, he wasn't aloud to do that. Rave stuck out his arms so he could help me inside, and I clung to him for dear life for fear of not falling over. My face was pretty much buried into the crook of his shoulder, and he smelled wildly good of peppermint and rain. Then he set me back onto the ground, and the wondrous smells disappeared, as Rave went along and closed the window to where it was before we broke in. Rave grabbed my hand, his eyes with a slight urgency. "Come on, we have five minutes."

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