Confinement Part 17

Announcements: Thank you for waiting so long! It's been such a long month, oh my goodness. Thank you for all your kind words and for trying to persuade me to stay. I'm still in the process of whether I will stay here, but at this point it's very unlikely...

However, I'm a very indecisive person, and sometimes I'll say something but mean another. So I just hope you enjoy this part, and that it was worth the wait xxxxxx

Created by: Dannica
  1. Rave sat on his couch, his head against the soft pillow in exhaust. The night was quiet. There wasn't even the sound of a car passing by or even a cricket being heard. It was just silent. But Rave liked that. He felt where she was, in his mind. He felt something bugging her, and he contemplated whether or not he should go and check on her. With a yawn he decided against it. If something major happened his ring would have reacted.
  2. He lay his head back on the couch tiredly, closing his eyes, allowing his mind to go back to the time of his anniciation. "The life of a Savior is hard," Brother Jericho had said. "You must learn and be patient and be open minded." Rave had only nodded, his left hand on top of the Book of Tranquil;left because it was closer to the heart. "Your Savior is your life now. After you are bound, remember that the Jury's help is no longer valid. The only help you may receive is the help that come forth voluntarily. But be reminded, that no help comes without a cost." Rave had only nodded once more. "And should you succeed and fulfill your Purpose, you know what happens."
  3. Rave had only stared. Because he knew what would happen. He knew how the process went. And he was scared. "Do you understand?" Brothet Jericho asked with an observing look. Rave nodded. "I understand." Brother Jericho nodded slowly, as if unsure of whether he should believe him or not. "Very well. Now repeat after me--" Rave put a pillow up to his face, the memory washing over him like a tidal wave. He slumped back down into the couch and he thought, Could I possibly put the safety of another's life before my own?
  4. I was sitting in bed i my pajamas, my hair up, Comet cuddled next to me, and my box of Nilla cookies cradled in my arms with my hand shoved down towards the bottom of the box. I sighed. How did I go from being in Flame's room, our lips about to touch, to here in my bed watching Pretty in Pink and eating my sorrows away? I sighed again. Because I was dumb. Because I was afraid and timid and stupid. Because I was scared that if we kissed it would have escalated to something more that I wasn't ready for. God, I was dumb. Flame wouldn't do that. I didn't know him very well, but I know that he wouldn't do that. Right? "I'm so dumb," I said to myself as I threw another cookie into my mouth and watched as the guy ran after Molly Ringwald and started making out with her in front of his car. That was totally not helping.
  5. I flipped the t.v screen off and shoved my cookies to the side. "Well, Comet? What do you think? What should I have done?" I looked down at the little fur ball and saw that he was curled up in fetal position, asleep. Thanks, Comet. Suddenly, there were two soft knocks on the door. For the maybe the fourth time already, I sighed. "No." "That's not a very nice thing to say to someone who did your laundry," Lauren's voice said from the other side of the door. I took a moment before deciding that I should get up. I turned the knob and slowly opened the door with a yawn. "Whoa, are you alright? You look horrible." I faked a small smile and nodded my head. "Oh yeah. I'm totally fine." My eyes peered down at the bright yellow Forever21 bag she was holding in her hands. "Thanks for washing my clothes." She handed the bag to me with what looked like a pity smile and nodded her head in response. "But really though, what's—OH MY GOD TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED WITH FLAME!"
  6. I tossed the bag of my clothes aside and ran a hand down my face. "Um, I'll tell tomorrow. I'm kinda tired." Lauren, a look of disappointment clearly displayed on her face, only shook her head, and took a small step back. "Yeah, of course. I'm going to go out anyways, if you haven't noticed." I stepped back myself and took a quick look at her from head-to-toe, where she was wearing a tight plum-colored dress that stopped right below her waist line. "I see," I said, with an actual smile coming across my face. "You think you're going to get lucky tonight?" She threw her head back in laughter and denied it with her head. "I'm too classy for that. And I know you're tired and everything, but would you like to be awoken and go with me tonight?" My lips parted in an almost grin and I crossed my arms. "Maybe not tonight. But don't worry, I have a feeling I'm going to need that night of wildness in a short time." Lauren winked. "You know where to find me when you're ready." She paused. "Well, I'm going to go now. I'd hate to miss the bus." She pivoted on her foot to turn away, but then I tapped her shoulder, urging her to wait. She turned back around with a questioning look. "When you're in the Lobby can you tell Reyna not to come up here tonight; that I got it?" Lauren creased her forehead. "Why would she come up here?" I bit down on my lip. "Um, health stuff. Blood sugar and all that." She nodded understandingly. "Don't worry, I got it." Then she smiled. "Get some rest now. You need to be energized when you tell me about Flame tomorrow." I watched her go as she walked down the hallway, and went down the stairs. Then I closed the door, and went back to my bed, not caring whether or not I locked it, not caring to see what that sound was, and not caring to see what I thought was a hazy image of green on my white board. I was too exhausted. And I was going to sleep.
  7. Tallon lay in his bed, staring up at the ceiling. He roomed alone too, but not many people new that. He heard what people said about him. He heard their whispers and his name being spoken about behind his back and all the rumors pestering around him. But he didn't do anything about it. Because Tallon didn't care. He liked being alone. He liked having himself as company and he liked doing things by himself and sitting and eating and sleeping by himself. Although he felt lonely. In his mind, Tallon thought there was a difference between feeling lonely, and being lonely. And in his case, he was feeling it. He felt like he was a ghost, almost transparent and slowly fading away as each minute passed by. Maybe that was why he decided to do it. Maybe that was why he allowed it. But she was so nice to him. That girl..._____? She was nice. So Tallon lay there in his bed, continuing to stare at his ceiling that he imagined was the window to the universe and thought, When will time pass by enough that I will no longer exist?
  8. Web closed the door behind him after he unlocked it and went into the room. It was only around six, which was way earlier than when he usually comes back to the dorm. He threw his jacket down onto wherever his other clothes were and tossed the keys on the dressing table. Right away Web saw the half-empty tray of brownies at the base of Flame's bed. Was that sanitary? His eyes slowly came off the brownies and focused on Flame next, who was leaned up against his headboard, staring straight ahead into oblivion, not even the t.v on. "I see you've made my apology brownies. But I also see that you two ate most of them." Flame turned his head at him only for a second, and then back to its original place, this time with a sigh. "By the way, where is celery stick?" "Green bean." "Whatever." Flame ran a hand through his hair. "She left." Web came over to his bed and swept down to pick up the tray. Then popping one in his mouth he landed on his bed. "Let me guess, she found out you have HIV?" Flame, able to find his sense of movement, threw a pillow at him. Web blocked it with his hand and laughed. "I do not have HIV." Putting another chunk of brownie in his mouth he said, "Then let me guess: You two were about to kiss, and then she couldn't do it and left."
  9. Flame caught his breath. "How do you know it's not me that wanted to kiss her?" Web laughed. "Dude, when do you ever give up your time to tutor a girl in French? Yeah, never. And the ladies love you, if you haven't noticed. But I'm sure you have since you're a cocky little b--stard." Flame chuckled. "Thanks." Web kicked his feet up and nodded. "No problem. And you owe me another half of brownies because this is just pathetic." When Flame didn't answer, Web averted his eyes from the tray and peered at him. Flame was now sitting at the edge of his bed, and he was holding a piece of lined paper, and he was smiling. Then he stood up and stuffed the piece of paper into his back pocket. "I'll be right back," he said, and then zoomed out of the door. When the door slammed shut, Web took another big piece of brownie and started chewing. He smiled to himself and thought, Life was too damn good.
  10. I sat in my bed now, unable to fall back asleep from waking up from my cell phone ringing. It was my mom. She had asked about school and if I was keeping away from Flame (which I had to lie about of course since I was doing a really bad job at staying away from him). And then she had asked about my job and dorm life, and of course my "condition" and my well being. It went a little something like this: "I'm doing great, Mom. I actually feel—" I had to choke the word out "—normal which of course was another lie)." And then in the background I heard Dad complaining about the dogs barking or something, and then Mom was Mom and she acted all excited about me getting better, even though nothing was wrong with me in the first place. And then I had requested that she limit the calls to once a week. I heard the faint disappointment in her voice, but she agreed anyways. "I expect you to do good in school, okay?" I replied with an okay, and we hung up. So now I was here, and I was staring at my pajama sleeve, which so happened to be the same one that I wore when Flame first called me green bean. God, could this day get any more saddening? And then there was a knock on the door, accompanied by Flame's voice saying that he needed to talk to me. Obviously, it could.
  11. I got up from the bed and walked over to the door, opening it, ready for whatever he had to say. When I got the view of the hallway, I saw Flame pacing back and forth, like he hadn't noticed that I was standing there. I made a sound at the back of my throat, and then he stopped and looked at me with those green eyes of his, currently reminding me of a rain forest. When he first got glance of me he smiled faintly, probably amused by my green bean attire. "Yeah?" I asked him, that maybe sounded a little too impatient. Flame coursed his hand through his hair. "You forgot something." I crinkled my brows, and felt a little disappointment. "Oh. Okay, what did I forget?" Flame took in a deep breath, and in a soft voice he said, "This." And then suddenly he came towards me, and then kissed me. Out of the blue. No warning, no sign, nothing. He put his lips on mine, and his hands gently on my neck, and we were kissing, me against the door frame. His mouth tasted like chocolate, a sweet and heart-aching taste that I wanted more of after every millisecond passed us. I felt my stomach flip and my guts clench and my heart pulse as he stroked the small of my neck with his thumb and kissed my bottom lip before the both of us pulled away, short of breath.
  12. I knew I was smiling like an idiot. I also knew that my face was probably as red as a stop sign, because Flame started chuckling under his breath, his forehead still touching mine. "You actually did forget something, though," he said with a grin. Then he took out a piece of paper and handed it to me. Confused, I unfolded it and easily recognized the words and shapes of letters and foreign vernacular as my French homework. "Thanks," I replied with a small laugh. "For the homework or for the kiss? Probably the kiss, but you're welcome for both anyways." I stepped away from him with a grin and then went back into my room, my hand on the doorknob. "You're impossible." "Nothing's impossible." "You're an exception." "Is it because I'm special?" "Define special." "You." There went my face again. "Goodnight," I said. Then I closed the door in his still smiling face. Not willing to resist, I put my ear to the door, supporting myself with my hand. I felt a small pressure from the other side, and I wondered if he was doing the same thing. "Sweet dreams, green bean." And then the pressure was gone, and his footsteps faded.

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