250 Years Without You Part 3

There's a new guy. Yeah. But not the dream guy. So uh..I hope you enjoy :) this part might be a bit short. the ending is definitely wrong. School has been fun. the friends part. not the work part.

Yay. Descriptions :) not yet anyways. maybe when I think of some names. i want something original but not plain weird. tell me how you think of the new guy :) I just hope he doesn't come off creepy. which I tried now ;)

Created by: Ivoryleaf
  1. "Until tomorrow, love."
  2. I struggled awake, unconsciously ripping off all the tubes. I groaned, realizing it was just a dream. I touched my cheek, feeling the last caresses I'd felt. I shuddered at the iciness of it. But underneath, just deep enough, there was a tingle of warmth. I breathed out. Out of habit, I looked around for a clock. No luck. This place was void of any communication to the outside. All it had were bright florescent lighting all over. And a calendar marking 2150. If that's still the system they keep track of years. If that's still what they call 365 days. If it's still that long. My mind hurt from all the thinking. I shut it off and wandered aimlessly down the hall. My eyes shut in reflex to the brightness. It was too harsh. I watched the bubbles rise from the water machine. I got a flimsy cup and filled it. I sat down on the hard, spotless ground and rested my head against the wall. I watched the kraken swim around, the water illuminated by the flickering lights in the tank. I was transfixed at the beauty and gracefulness of them.
  3. "They really are pretty aren't they?"
  4. The voice was warm and velvety, a bit on the quiet side. It wasn't the one I'd first heard. No accent. I looked up to see a guy. Not just some guy. His whole image just seemed to transfix people, just captures the light. It was a reflection of beauty. I nodded. He was in sweats and a white shirt. He folded his long legs and set himself down besides me. I sat there, not knowing what to say. "How long has it been since you've been synthesized?" he popped the question up. I turned my head sharply. I couldn't help but admire his perfect profile, that came with thick dark lashes. His strawberry hair fell just above his eyebrows. His intelligent light gray eyes flicked to the side and looked at me questioningly. "Synthesized?" I murmured. He gave me a dope look. Then it hit me. He was created. "I don't remember," I turned my gaze away. "It's been a week." he stretched out his legs, mine seeming a bit stubby beside his. "How does it feel?" it slipped from my mouth. He gave me a full on dope look now. He shrugged. "Alive. I don't really know. I was just...there. Born. I don't know. How are you supposed to feel?"
  5. I laughed. He gave me a weirder look. Great. I gave the impression I was probably a quarter dumb. Full on maybe. His hand appeared in front of him. He flexed it. The long limbs seemed to be carved out. I had a desperate urge to guide them onto my skin.What the hell am I thinking about? I blushed crimson, glad that no one could read my thoughts. "I've got training tomorrow. Do you?" he cocked his head on the side. I faced him sharply. "Yeah. I think I do." "What time?" "Not sure." "You don't seem to know a lot of stuff," his pale pink lips turned upwards. First emotion he showed me: amusement. Maybe not since confused was probably first. "So why are you out here?" my body tilted a bit so I was facing him. He seemed to notice but still looked up, the blueness of the aquarium dying his eyes light blue. "Am I not supposed to be?" he said softly. Little pieces of blonde hair shifted. His hair wasn't one color. More like a myriad of ash, platinum and strawberry. Normally that would sound weird but it fit him perfectly. I shrugged, getting back on topic. "I fell in love with this view, the moment I laid my eyes on it." Then his eyes met mine full on, like he was telling me something.
  6. We both turned our head face forward. He seemed so relaxed, so serene. So peaceful. Like he didn't know the cruelties of the world. I just wanted to protect him from the dangers. From everything I don't even know about. "I want to go out," he spoke up. "Out?" "Into the world. I've been told about it since the day I've been here. One day I will be out there. Along with all the other synthetics," he whispered softly, so only I could hear him. "Me too," I breathed out, feeling the corners of my lips tugging up. "But for now I'm stuck here. I'm only a week old. What's it like? Being out there. Breathing," his head tilted up. In my peripheral vision, I saw his slanted jawline. I was always a sucker for that. "I've only read books. It seems wonderful," he let out a sigh at 'wonderful'. "It is," I lowered my eyes. I felt his piercing gaze rest on me. His sharp features were lit up by the lights cutting through the deep waters. He stood up, getting out a hand so he could pick me up.
  7. His strength surprised me. His lean muscles were something I'd stare at. He was about 5 inches taller than me. Our chests were almost touching. I noticed that the corners of his soft eyes were a bit droopy. Not in the dopey way, just the sad way. Not really. But it only fit him and matched him. Making him seem evermore mysterious. His gaze rested on something behind me. I stepped back a little. "Well I don't want to get caught. I have to get back now," he smiled lightly, waving his hand. His messy yet perfect hair fell a little into his eyes and he used one hand to sweep it away. I grinned and turned around, the image of his mildly surprised face in my mind. I heard his quiet footsteps fade away as I crept back in my room. I missed his calm presence already.
  8. I didn't bother poking the needles back in. I'd always been squeamish about it. No need to stop now. I laid on my back, my face facing the high ceiling. It must be night time since that boy said 'Don't want to be caught now'. Wait. I mentally facepalmed myself. I didn't even know his name. Such a simple question. Yet it had evaded my mind. I was so caught up in his presence. It's been what, 100 years since I've met a guy? Not just any guy. A cute one. My heart ached for my family. I haven't cried. At all.
  9. I dozed off.
  10. Yeah, sorry about this part. Awkward ending. So what do you think about new guy? Meet your expectations? Of course, there will most likely be others. Maybe :)

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