500 Years pt. 2

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This is part Two of 500 Year. This one is somewhat short but it gets longer. Results for this story won't count until part Three which is the next one. :) Thank you for reading!

Oh and comment? :P And if you can't wait for the next part, just go on Wattpad. And about the romance, you met some guys in the next part. ;3 Thank you!

Created by: rvelez
  1. The last thing I remember was me blacking out. I didn't feel anything after that and I woke up in a moving car. I automatically sat up and noticed a man, perhaps in his mid twenties, and another younger guy about the same age as me. The man smirked, "You're up early, girly." The younger one turned around to glance at me. He held in a glare, his brown eyes dead on me. Cold. He scoff and turned around.
  2. "Let me out!" I yelled, realizing I was tied up. "No can do, girly." The man replied, laughing. The younger one sighed, running a hand through his wavy brown hair. "Dad..." He muttered, annoyed. "What, Trace!" The man scowled. "We have to knock her out again or she'll memorize our routes." The younger one, Trace, argued. "Right.." The man muttered, stopping the car. I gasped and tried to escape the ropes around my wrists and ankles. "Hurry.." Trace cursed. "I'm trying to." The man spat, grabbing a bat. My eyes widen. "NO!" I pleaded. He paused and swung it but I ducked, feeling it almost hitting my head. He was insane.
  3. "Stop!" I yelled and he cringed, dropping the bat. "I hate loud kids like you, brat." he cursed, grabbing my leg. I tried to kick around but it was hopeless. That's when I noticed Kry in the back. She slapped him with her elbow and hissed, eyes dark blood red. The man let go and backed out of the car. "What the hell?" He yelled and Trace also got out, eyes widen. "She's no human, dad." He muttered and his dad backed even further away from the car. "I see.." Kry thrashed around, kicking the car window with force. I watched as she knocked it down, the glass shattering on the road. With the pieces of glass still sticking out, she rubbed the rope's side against it, escaping the grip. "What..the hell.." Was what the man could only spit out.
  4. Kry untied the rope tied around her ankles and jumped out the car. "Come on, Flag!" She cried out but I stuggled to get free. "I can't, Kry!" I shrieked and she rip both of the ropes from my ankles and wrists. I stared at her, amazed and we both ran out, into the forest. "Trace! Go get them!" I heard the dad yelled. "Thank you, Kry." I panted as we ran for more than five minutes, nonstop. She smiled, her puny legs about to give up. I caught her before she could callasp. "F-Flaaaag..." She cried, tears streaming down her pink cheeks. "I can't go any longer...I'm tired..and-- I want mom and daaaad." I pulled her up and I noticed that she was right. Her legs wouldn't help her stand. "We have to keep on going, Kry!" She let her head hang low and she cried. "Alright...Alright, Kry. I gottcha.." I whispered, scooping her up. For a five year old, she weigh pretty light. Maybe because we eat less and running around shapes us up.
  5. I began to run again, jumping and dodging over fallen trees, trunks, branches and rocks. Kry's heart beat against my body. It was a steady beat. I jumped as I heard running near me. And voices. "I hear her. This way." The voice scowled. I gasped and I noticed a cabin. Thick vines and mold cover almost all the wooded parts. "Thank God." I whispered, running over there. I set Kry down and I openned the door. "Go in." I ordered Kry. She nodded and practically sprinted in. I followed, closing the door. "That's not going to hold them." Kry spoke. She pointed to a old bookshelf in the corner. "Put that in front of the door, Flag!" I nodded and walked toward the bookshelf. It was too heavy for me to push or carry. "I can't move it, Kry." Kry frowned and looked around. "That table!" I looked up and saw the table. "Alright." With that, I moved over to the table and pushed it against the door. "There."
  6. More voices. It was getting louder. I squealed, scared and grabbed more furniture. "Stack some more, Kry!" "B-" There was a gunshot and Kry's eyes widen. She grabbed hold of a chair and pushed it against the door. I then noticed the couch wasn't that all heavy. "Help me with this, Kry!" She darted over and we both pushed the couch against everything blocking the door. "There.." I panted. "Flag, I wanna go hoooome." I pressed my forehead agaisnt a wall. "We can't, Kry.. We can't..." She pouted and disappeared in the ketchen. I heard her humming a song softly... sadly. It was a song I knew. I just can't think of the lyrics. Or the name. But I remember singing it on Thursdays back with our old parents. We huddled close to the fireplace and sang it.
  7. I snapped out of it and heard a loud thump from behind the door. "They're in here!" Trace called out, kicking the door. I pulled away and ran in the kitchen. "They're here, Kry! Come on." I grabbed her tiny cold hand and rushed her out the kitchen and into another room. "It won't be long til they knock-" There was a crash. The door flew open. I gasped, closing the door. "Hey! Out there!" I commanded, pointing over a window. Kry groaned and openned the window. "Hurry, Kry!" She struggled to get out but she finally managed. I followed out and closed the window. "Run!" She did so but it was too late. There was a loud boom and the cabin blew up.
  8. We weren't far away. Not even close. And then again, there was this intense pain.
  9. Darkness.
  10. Death.
  11. I woke up. It wasn't easy because a string of pain shot through me. All I wanted to know is what happened. I remember nothing. Then I gasped. A piece of my memory flash back into my head. And then I saw it.
  12. The world would never be the same.

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