A One Direction Love story part 1

This is a great love story about One Direction! I know a lot of people love them... Like me... So I decided to make a love story! Have fun reading it! :)

And btw... The results don't count now because this is just sorta an intro... Anyways I forgot what I was going to say... Geez I hate when that happens! Well have fun reading the series! Bye! :)

Created by: Jhawkgirl12
  1. ** so you are 17 year old and just found out that you are moving to Great Britian. You have always lived in the U.S. and had never even considered the thought of moving...until your parents got a divorce. (BTW: your a bug one direction fan!)**
  2. You and your mom are walking aboard the airplane to Great Britian. Right before you walk into the plane you say to yourself, "Good-bye, U.S.A." "come one sweety, our plane leaves in five. And I want to get situated. This is going to be a long flight." she says. She sighs and starts to walk to your seats. You follow her to your seats. Ugh, there's some big, actually HUGE guy right by the window seat.
  3. You take a seat next to the big guy, since you really had no other choice. 'Just my luck.' you think. The plane attendant starts talking and going over instructions... You know the drill.
  4. After you are in the air for a while the sign lights up, signaling that you can use the get up and also turn on electronics. You decide to go to the bathroom since the guy next to you was starting to sweat on you.
  5. You knock on the door and someone answers back they are in there. Ugh, you really have to pee and you hope the guy didn't sweat on you too much. Finally the door opens and out comes some girl. She has Dark brown hair that's long and straightened. She is tall and slim. And you can't help but stare at her because she's actually really pretty. It makes you somewhat jealous of her beauty. "I'm really sorry if I made you wait. I was fixing my make-up." she says. "that's no problem at all." you reply. "oh, by the way I'm Brenna." she says. "what's your name?" "I'm ______. It's nice to meet you." you reply. "so maybe I'll see you around?" she asks. The. She walks away.
  6. You go into the bathroom and look in the mirror. You aren't quite as pretty as her, but your still pretty gorgeous if you do say so yourself ;)
  7. After doing your bathroom business you leave and take you seat again. You sit down and take out your iPod to listen to music. Your listening to 'One Thing' when you fall asleep. ***LATER...*** you wake up from a sudden jerk. You were landing. "oh great, your up! We are just now landing so get you stuff together!" your mom says cheerfully. You gather your stuff and eventually leave the plane.
  8. You hop into a taxi after getting your luggage. "Just wait until you see the house!" your mom squeals. You just roll your eyes and look out the window. Suddenly you see tons and tons, and TONS of girls in a gathering. You see posters saying 'MARRY ME 1D!!!' and realize that one direction must be close. Your heart starts beating faster. You look for then out the window but get no sight.
  9. After about 20 minutes of staring out the window, you stop. Your mom jumps out of the car and grabs the luggage. You hop out and stare at the house. It's so... Big! It is white and at least 3 stories high. And come to think... This is for only you and your mom! You knew your mom was somewhat rich... But not this rich!
  10. You run inside and right as you open the door you enter a gigantic room. It has spiral stairs and a fancy shandileer. You look to you right and see a kitchen. It was the fanciest you've seen in your life. And to your left? A great big living room! It has very big windows everywhere. You look out a window and see almost all of town. Even the crowd of girls! There is also plush red sofas and chairs. The room is white. White floors, white ceilings, white walls, and the windows make it even whiter.
  11. You run upstairs and open every door. A guest bedroom. A bathroom. Ahhhh, finally, your bedroom. You can tell its yours because you asked your mom to decorate it like this. It's pink and orange and yellow. You loved those colors because they remind you of sunsets. It has hot pink walls with orange and yellow polka dots. Your bed is orange with pink and yellow pillows. And you have a flat screen tv and a desk I. The other side of the room. And you see another door. When you open it you see a walk in closet! It's empty since you have your clothes with you. But you notice a tee shirt hanging. You go over to look st it and see its a 1D tee. It's so amazing, you wish you could wear it now but decide to wear it tomorrow instead so you can wear it longer.
  12. You decide to go to bed since in the U.S. it's past 11:00 pm and you haven't slept for a while. You lay down on your bed and realize its soft... Almost like... Silk. You get under the covers and almost immediately fall asleep.
  13. I'm sorry if this wasn't the best but I swear... SWEAR, that the next one will be better! And you will meet the boys ;)

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