The Mysterious Forest (part one)

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Hello and welcome to this part of this new story quiz! Be sure to take the prologue before this one to fully understand the story. I hope you enjoy it. I need a name for the main character, a girl, please vote on the following names for her... Emma, Kallysta, Jessie. If you have any other name suggestions tell me in the comments.

Yayz to me one of my quizzes is currently number 7 on the top quizzes list!!! Its my first featured quiz and its called Will you get your first kiss? Oh be sure to take my other quizzes. I am planning on having the series Love!!!!, a series based on the Hunger Games called Mockingjay Tales, a series about one direction called Love and Suprises!!! And possibly more!!! Oh and this one too, obviously!

Created by: ILuvHolister

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  1. Boy's POV; Why did Lawrence bring her here? Does he not think im fit to rule? She looks so innocent, so helpless. To bad Lawrence erased most of her memories. It looked very painful to bear! I wonder why Ive never seen her in the forest before maybe I can look into her mind. No I shouldnt. She would hate me. So I decided to let her tell me herself when she was ready. Who am I, you ask? Im Jermiah one of the strongest people ever to live.
  2. Girls POV: I felt so much pain in that one moment. Then I fell asleep. When I woke up I had almost no idea where I was. The only things I recalled were me having special abilites, and a love for Jermiah.
  3. Lawrence's POV: It was evil of me. Evil of me to put thoughts of love in their heads. Everything an illusion. I fear when they will wake up from the dream that is their reality and face what is the truth. Maybe I shouldnt have brought her here, maybe I shouldnt have temporarily altered her thoughts. Maybe ,Maybe,Maybe. I must be kidding myself it was fate and whats done can not be taken back. Ever.
  4. Jermiah POV: She is awake, but I can sense she is tired. I cant scare her more than she already is. I have to withhold from telling her the three words I have never dared utter... I Love You. Pathetic I know, but even without the spell that Lawrence put in my glass of water, that I didnt drink, I still feel a bond to her, not in a bad way though. I wonder how she feels. I know Ill hire my good friend Sean to help, he wont fall for her, he has never fallen in love with anyone.
  5. Girls POV: I feel so lonely. All of a sudden this guy walks in named Sean and hugs me tightly saying where have you been. I repl with a simple" I dont know,but now is not the best time for me. Come back later or something." He looks straight in to my eyes his choclate brown eyes digging into my blue/green ones searching for a glimmer of hope. He breaks the gaze looks down and mutters " Sorry I thought you were someone else. My bad." And slams the door. I dont know why but I felt guilt and pain.
  6. Girls POV: The door slaming wasnt just a door slamming. When that door closed so did my opportunity to leave the room I was confined in. I had to try to get out.So I got up and reached for the door knob. But , before it could my hand stopped and before I knew it I was full on crying. I wasnt with family, I was stuck in a dimly lit room, nobody liked my presence, I caused someone pain, I felt guilty about everything, I felt betrayed as my true feelings came back to me. I was under a spell, and after I was freed from it I found myself sadder then before. I remembered I got kidnapped, how I ran away, how my parents died and everything. My whole life I thought I was weak for crying but now I didnt care because I had come to the realization that.. People dont cry out of weakness, but because their strenghth has run out from overuse for to long. So I did what I had been holding back from for most of my life... I cried.
  7. Narrator POV: And so she let all her emotions flood out through crying. Sean hadnt left the door however and when he heard crying he went in to see what the matter was. The poor Girl was covered in blood, her own blood. It was so tempting for Sean, a vampire to bite her, but instead he pulled her to her feet and helped clean her off. She apologized for being a disturbance and Sean held her tighter in his arms. When she cried he told her " Let your tears out." When she stopped crying her face turned a bright shade of red! She noticed he hadnt let go of her at all. He gently let go of her and leaned in..... He gave her a kiss on the cheek and told her to sleep. That night she slept peacfully, assured that Sean was always watching.
  8. Seans POV: I almost put her in danger. I feel terrible for not telling her what I am, what she will be. Its so hard to watch someone you love be destined to another person, in this case... Jermiah. She and him would be perfect together, the two strongest beings. Plus the only reason why Im here is because Jermiah is taunting me, he must know that I love her since he sees the future and he is trying to make me in the end seem like the lying bad guy. Its hard even now to breath while watching her go through a nightmare and not be able to do anthing without hurting her more!
  9. Girls POV: Not everyone is who they really are. That was echoing in my head all night, my dream was trying to warn me, protect me. But it had been vague and in riddle,as always. By the time I figured out what a riddle meant it was often too late. The first time I recieved this type of dream was a few days before the death of my parents. That was my last coherent thought before I drifted back to sleep, for once... Calm.
  10. Cliffhanger! Comment, Rate,share. I really appreciate those who do!

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