How well do you know Nottingham Forest FC?

There are few true Forest fans out there. Forest is, after all, a football club with an illustrious history but absolutely no modern success. How well do you know the Red and white army?

Do you know your Forest facts? Can you claim to know as much about the great club as the late Brian Clough himself? This quiz should probably be only attempted by British people who know about Forest.

Created by: Adam Hodgkinson
  1. Forest was founded in...
  2. Who did Forest play in their first ever recorded match?
  3. Where did Forest first play their matches?
  4. What was the score from Forest's FA cup victory over Derby County in 1898?
  5. When was Forest's next FA cup win?
  6. Who was manager of Forest at the time?
  7. Why was Forest's FA cup sixth round replay against Newcastle United in 1974 abandoned?
  8. Brian Clough became Forest manager in 1975. Where was his first league table finish?
  9. 'Cloughie' got Forest promoted to the top flight in 1977 in 3rd place. Who were second division champions that year?
  10. How many league games did Forest go unbeaten between 1977-78?
  11. How much did Forest pay for goalkeeper Peter Shilton to Stoke City? (This was in the late 1970s)
  12. Who was Britain's first £1m player, signed by Brian Clough in 1979?
  13. Name, in order, the teams which Forest knocked out en route to the 1979 European cup final.
  14. What was the venue and attendance for the 1979 European Cup final?
  15. Forest won that game against Malmo FF. They then retained the cup the following year- a 1-0 victory over Hamburger SV. Who scored thwe winning goal in that match?
  16. How many years did Brian Clough spend in charge of Forest?
  17. He was eventually sacked when the club was relegated from the top flight. Who took over as manager?
  18. By what margin did Forest beat Sheffield Wednesday (away) during the 1994-95 season
  19. How many managers have Forest had since the departure of Frank Clark in late 1996 (not including caretaker managers)?
  20. Finally, who is the club's all time leading goal scorer?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Nottingham Forest FC?