How well do you know Derby County?

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Do you know who Steve Bloomer is? Was Brian Clough your sporting idol? Do you hiss and boo every time you are near a Nottingham Forest fan? All these are important parts of being a Derby County fan.

So, are YOU the ultimate Rams supporter? Plenty of people might say they are - but this Derby Telegraph quiz will tell you just how dedicated you are to all things Derby County. Good luck!

Created by: Caroline Jones of Derby Telegraph
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  1. Let's start with some easy ones - what is Derby County's nickname?
  2. It was announced this month how Derby County's home - Pride Park Stadium - would be renamed the iPro Stadium. But where did the Rams play until Pride Park was opened in 1997?
  3. Name the famous Derby County manager who arrived at the club in 1967 and took the Rams from Division Two status to League champions in 1971-72?
  4. And do you know the first name of his son, who became manager himself at Derby County in 2009?
  5. And last of the easy questions - fill in the gap in the title of the song played before every Derby County home match: "...... Watchin'"
  6. Who was the Rams' first officially appointed team boss? During his reign, Ben Warren, Charlie Morris and Harry Maskrey arrived at the club.
  7. In what year did Derby County lose Division One status (the top flight back then) for the first time?
  8. What was the name of Derby County's manager - and former boss at Bradford City - between 1953 and 1955? During his reign, the Rams dropped out the Second Division for the first time.
  9. Who was Derby County's first £100,000 player? He signed from Nottingham Forest during the 1969-70 season.
  10. In the 1972-73 season, Derby County broke the British transfer record by signing David Nish from Leicester City. But how much did the club sign him for?
  11. In 1903, Derby County suffered its most resounding defeat of more than 100 years in an FA Cup final against Bury. But what was the score?
  12. Steve Bloomer is considered by most Derby County fans to be the club's greatest-ever player. But how many goals did he net in 525 games?
  13. In January 2008, Derby County announced new American owners had taken control of the club in a deal thought to be worth £50 million. What was the name of the company involved in the takeover?
  14. In November of the same year, Paul Jewell announced he was quitting as manager of Derby County. How many League fixtures in the top flight did the side fail to win while he was in charge?
  15. In 1998, five Derby County players were involved in the World Cup in France. Two represented Jamaica and the others were with Scotland, Denmark and which other country?
  16. Who were Brian Clough's and Peter Taylor's first three signings for Derby County during the 1967-68 season?
  17. Derby County were promoted to Division One at the end of the 1968-69 season after finishing top of the table with 63 points. How many years had they been absent from the top flight?
  18. In the 2001-02 season, Derby County received the biggest transfer fee in their history when Seth Johnson moved to Leeds United. How much did he go for?
  19. And in what year did Seth Johnson return to Derby County - following a bad time with injury?
  20. Blackpool's Shaun Barker joined the Rams in July 2009, for a fee thought to have been about £900,000. But which club were the Rams locked in a battle with for weeks to capture the defender?
  21. And, finally, a bonus question for those fans who follow the Rams through the Derby Telegraph! What is the name of the paper's chief Derby County writer?

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