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Here's your chance to find out if you've been following the news carefully in the Derby Telegraph. Take our quiz and see just how good your memory is...

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Created by: Derby Telegraph of Derby Telegraph
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  1. What was the name of the popular Derby water buffalo that died in December?
  2. Which local business leader took his seat in the House of Lords this year?
  3. What is the name of the business that has taken over the former Co-op department store in Derby?
  4. In 2013, the Westfield Derby shopping centre was put up for sale. What was the asking price?
  5. How much did the Lowry painting at Derby Museum, which could now be worth £1 million, originally cost the city council?
  6. What unusual building did the city council sell at auction for more than four times the guide price in September?
  7. Where was the current Mayor of Derby born?
  8. In January, the Derby Telegraph announced how many people we had encouraged to come forward to become blood donors through our Save a Life campaign. What was the figure?
  9. What are the nicknames of two wind turbines in Spondon?
  10. November marked the first anniversary of Derbyshire's first police and crime commissioner being voted in. What is his name?
  11. Work has started on a £1m language block at a school. Which one is it?
  12. In December we revealed that Wally, a pet dog, saved his owner from near disaster. What did he prevent?
  13. Which Rams star got his Porsche stuck in mud on the way to a game?
  14. Which hospital was penalised in September for treating TOO MANY patients?
  15. Eighteen potential new recruits were turned away from Derbyshire police in 2013 because they had:

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