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What a year 2013 has been in Cornwall. Never short of an odd story or two, this year has provided some wonderfully weird examples of Kernow classic news.

So, how much do YOU remember from the Cornish news archives of 2013? Take our quiz now and find out just how many of 2013's headlines you can actually recall. It'll be a challenge for sure!

Created by: Falmouth_dai of This is Cornwall
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  1. In January, police officers in Falmouth created their own video for which dance-craze hit song?
  2. Which celebrity's TV show on Cornwall provoked a mixed reaction from locals in January?
  3. Cornwall councillor Collin Brewer hit the headlines in February over his comments on disabled children. Which celebrity spoke out against his remarks?
  4. Which controversial bill saw three Cornish MPs abstain from the vote in Parliament in February?
  5. Which unusual Australian animal was found in a Penzance tree in March?
  6. Kevin Lavery left his post as Cornwall Council's chief executive in March. Where was he due to take up a similar role next?
  7. In April, a memorial service was held for Steve Gadds at Truro Cathedral. With which rock band was he most closely associated through his role as tour manager?
  8. April saw one of the year's more unusual stories, when police had to help a man escape from where in Redruth?
  9. During which event in May was a competitor arrested for 'waving his manhood around' outside a pub?
  10. A well-known comedian had a brush with the law in Pool in May when he was arrested for assault. Who was he?
  11. A St Austell thief was caught after adopting which 'dumb disguise' in June?
  12. What was the name of the Falmouth student who entered the Big Brother house in June?
  13. Which Hollywood star was spotted at Holywell Bay during July's heatwave?
  14. In July, notorious Truro criminal Jack Harvey had a 'proceeds of crime' hearing in court. How much of his ill-gotten gains was he ordered to repay?
  15. Doc Martin actor Martin Clunes stunned Port Isaac in August by admitting he preferred which village?
  16. In August, which actor was picked by fans as their favourite to play Ross Poldark in the forthcoming remake of the classic Cornish TV drama?
  17. In which Cornish town did a driver manage to get their car wedged on a flight of steps during September?
  18. In September, Tony Pheonix-Morrison finished a run from John O'Groats to Land's End carrying which unusual electrical item on his back?
  19. Weather forecasters gave plenty of warning for the first major storm of the autumn in October. Which saint was the storm named after?
  20. A video claiming to have captured what flying over Truro went viral in October?
  21. Which animal was photographed escaping from the site of St Keverne's Masked Ball in November?
  22. Which town claimed the title of 'Cornwall's sexiest place' in a survey released in November?
  23. The sale of which Cornish tourist attraction hit the headlines in December?
  24. Penzance's Christmas lights hit the headlines in December after their striking resemblance to what attracted locals' attention?

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