How Well Do You Know Cornwall?

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As Cornwall celebrates gaining 'national minority' status, we think the time is right to find out just how well you know the Duchy. Take our quiz for a quick and easy way to find out.

So, exactly how well do YOU know Cornwall? Do you know the correct recipe for a pasty - or how to bake a saffron bun? Do you spell it cider of cyder? Find out the extent of your Cornish knowledge here.

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  1. What is the highest point in Cornwall?
  2. What bird is known as the national symbol of Cornwall?
  3. In which order should the jam and cream be placed on a scone according to Cornish tradition?
  4. Which of these is recognised as part of a proper Cornish Pasty, according to the EU?
  5. What is Cornwall's largest town or city according to population statistics?
  6. In which year did Cornwall beat Yorkshire to claim their first rugby county championship at Twickenham?
  7. According to the song, how many people marched on London in the 'Trelawney Army' of 1497?
  8. Who was Cornwall's only world heavyweight boxing champion?
  9. Cornwall has the longest coastline of any English county. How long is it?
  10. Where is Cornwall's oldest chartered town?

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