How Woodham are you?

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Being a Woodhamer isn't as easy as it sounds. You can't just simply 'live' in this town and expect the status of 'Woodhamer' to be bequeathed to have to earn it

Are YOU a proper Woodhamer? Do you know your Izzys from your elbow? This quick quiz will help you on your journey to being a true bona fide WOODHAMER in every sense. Dive in!

Created by: The Hegman
  1. What's a 'Burger Van'?
  2. If I say the word 'Cabaret' who immediately springs to mind?
  3. If you are standing on the platform at South Woodham Ferrers train station, which trains feel like they're going the wrong way?
  4. How many diamonds are on the William De Ferrers school badge?
  5. Which of these judges gave Asda's Matthew 'The Legend' Lewis a 'Yes' in 2nd appearance in the X Factor auditions?
  6. Which of these Eastenders actors was once a Woodhamer?
  7. Where is the coolest place in SWF to buy sweets?
  8. The Oakland Hotel was featured in which TV show?
  9. Which of these establishments would you most like to see on our high street?
  10. Which of these items are you more likely to HEAR the most on an average day in South Woodham Ferrers?
  11. If I say 'Bushey Hill' what's the first thing you think of?
  12. Which major American rock band is closely associated with South Woodham Ferrers?
  13. What does the word 'Focus' mean to you?
  14. What does the word 'Bandstand' mostly mean to you?
  15. In your opinion, which is the best Indian takeaway?
  16. In your opinion, which is the best Chinese/Thai takeaway?
  17. What's the easiest way to get elected in the SWF area?
  18. If I told you to "Walk to Gees" right now, where would you end up?
  19. Black.
  20. What type of weathervane is on top of the clock tower in the town centre?
  21. Which of these shops has been in Woodham the longest?
  22. If you could pick one of these to return to Woodham, which one would it be?
  23. What number bus goes to Chelmsford from South Woodham Ferrers?

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