How Artlenock are you?

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Irthlingborough, a small town in Northamptonshire which must not be confused with Irchester or Hobbiton. It's a special place with very special people.

Are you one of the chosen few that is lucky enough to have been born down street or up the hill? Or have you live here a while and now consider yourself a proper Artlenocker? Take our quiz and find out 'How Artlenock am I?'

Created by: Mark Pacan

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  1. Someone offers you some Kek, do you
  2. You are off on your holidays, are you most likely to goo
  3. Arm, is it
  4. You are walking down an narrow passage way. Would you call it
  5. You dream of A Bull, A Crow and a Sow with some pigs. Does this means
  6. An 'ol boy' is
  7. Someone has royally p*ssed you off in the High St. Do you
  8. You see an attractive newcomer walking down the High Street, do you
  9. You are planning a big night out with your mates, do you go
  10. Rushden
  11. You are driving through Higham Ferrers and have to stop at not one but two pedestrian crossings giving you ample time to observe the lovely posh shops, the well dressed people, the marvellous Christmas lights/flags/fancy markets, do you
  12. Your mum asks you to nip down the shops for some peps. Do you get them from;
  13. You over hear a conversation at the bus stop, a woman says that her old man used to be a Skiver’. Do you assume that;
  14. You hear people talking about ‘air dug'. Do they mean;
  15. You are gooin Cherry knockin. Are you;
  16. The authorities want to build a nuclear power plant on the fields Irthlingborough side of Finedon, your re-action is;
  17. The 'New Estate' is;
  18. You hear someone mispronounce the river, calling it Neen. Your gut instinct is
  19. If you put ‘cheese's’ and ‘stack up’ in the same sentence you are likely to be talking about;
  20. The smell of leather reminds you of;
  21. Frit'er;
  22. Someone from Corby, on finding out you are from Irthlingborough says ‘yous all inbred there’, do you;
  23. New Shop is;
  24. The first thing you think of when you hear the words 'Doc Marten' is;
  25. You spot a freshly cut wheat field, do you think;
  26. Planning permission has come up for a small plot of land in town. What do you think is most likely to be built
  27. The word 'Diamonds' brings to mind;
  28. Your favourite term of endearment is;
  29. It's a full moon do you;
  30. You can trace your Irthlingborough family roots back;

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Quiz topic: How Artlenock am I?