How Dixon Are You???

Have you heard of Dixon, California?? Probably not. It's the kind of place that you stop into on your way to somewhere better. This is a special town, one of the few left of it's kind. And a special type of people live there.

Are you Dixon? Take this quiz and find out how welcomed you would be if you ever decided to visit. It's easy, just answer a few questions and find out if this sleepy little town is for you!!

Created by: Ashley

  1. The best shopping around will be found..
  2. Guess what? We're moving into one of those new track homes. We'll have 3 tiny bedrooms and 1 1/2 bathrooms. It'll only set us back about...
  3. What kind of car do you see yourself driving?
  4. Who is your favorite sports team??
  5. Would you ever eat mexican food, containing meat of a mysterious origin, from a taco truck?
  6. Are you for or against the Dixon Downs development??
  7. When tourists talk about "The Valley" which valley do you think of??
  8. It's Friday Night. Where can we find you???
  9. What kind of food do you eat during a regular day?
  10. Which crop can not be found growing in the green belt??
  11. What do people from Dixon wear in November??
  12. Finally, what is Dixon's nickname???

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Quiz topic: How Dixon am I???