How much of a Alias tv show fan are you?

Anna Spinosa,Will Tippin, Arvin Sloane, Julian Sark, Michael Vaugh, Marcus Dixon, Marshall Flickman and Sydney Bristow. May are you remember these names? Let's see how much Alias tv show fan you are!

Are you an Alias fan? Remember Sydney Bristow? You watched all seasons? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!!!

Created by: Sydney Bristow

  1. What is the alias of Nadia, Sydney's sister?
  2. What the names of Sydney Bristow aunts ?
  3. What actor/actrees dont had any participation in the serie Alias ?
  4. Choose the option with only Sydney friends/allies.
  5. In the 4 season, Sydney joins a black ops division of the CIA, patterned after SD-6 and run by her one-time nemesis Arvin Sloane. The new division is dubbed "APO": Authorized Personnel Only. Members of APO (all hand-picked by Sloane) include almost all of the recurring characters from previous seasons, including ...
  6. The third season takes place two years after the events of season 2, with Sydney having been missing and presumed dead. DNA evidence in a badly burned body confirmed her death to her family and friends. The truth, however, is that Sydney was kidnapped by a terrorist organization called:
  7. Who is "The Man", if ran an unnamed organization which destroyed FTL and co-opted K-Directorate.
  8. In the season 5, Two new members are added to APO to replace Weiss, who moved to Washington, D.C. for a new job, and Nadia, who is still in a coma. They are:
  9. Choose the name is not a code name used by Sydney Brystow.
  10. Is not a fictional character from Alias.

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Quiz topic: How much of a Alias tv show fan am I?