How SteveeTee Are You?

Stevee Tee is the alias of a highly successful and charismatic individual, who declines to give leads his life based innate tendancies of the homo sapien race. Everybody looks at him in awe and wonders how he has managed to achieve such a state of near perfection.

To help you compare yourself to this great man, a team of respected academics from the University of Cambridge have monitored his behaviour and devised this quizz. Take it, and in just a few minutes you'll find out how Stevee Tee you really are!

Created by: Steven
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your favourite food
  2. How many miles do you travel by foot per week?
  3. How many friends have you made during your life?
  4. Have you been referred to a psychiatrist at any point in your life?
  5. How many times has your boss suggested that you commit suicide?
  6. How would you prefer to spend your annual holiday?
  7. When did you lose your viginity?
  8. Have you ever made a colleague cry at their leaving presentation?
  9. How many times have you been told that you'll never be forgotten?
  10. Are black and white colours?
  11. How much do you spend on food per week in pounds?
  12. How do you feel?
  13. How many pursuits have you been banned from?
  14. Which of these solo artists/groups do you prefer?
  15. At what age did you last visit the dentist?
  16. What is your favourite colour?
  17. Which of these songs has never been performed by Avril Lavigne?
  18. Which of the following activities, if any, expends the most energy?

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Quiz topic: How SteveeTee am I?