How Well do you know 'Boy Meets World'?

Boy Meets World. Three simple words that somehow manage to make a true fan feel some kind of way. Why, some of you may ask? Well, Boy Meets World was a marvalous show that aired for many years mainly focusing on Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Mr. Feeny and Eric. Yet, it expanded to adding Jack, Angela, and Rachel in later seasons.

Are YOU Boy Meets Worlds number one fan? What do you know, and not know about the show? Take this quiz to find out where your fan level is and what you really know or don't know. C'mon, join the gang!

Created by: Jenna

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  1. What is Mr. Feeny's first name?
  2. Topanga once mentions that she has a sister with the odd name of: Nebula; what is Nebula's even stranger middle name?
  3. In the first episode of Boy Meets World, Cory Matthews asks Mr. Feeny, "Are you aware that I'm only eleven years old?" It is that same year that Topanga kisses Cory; however in season four, episode seventeen Cory tells his parents that he was ___ years old when Topanga first kissed him. How old did he say he was?
  4. What type of home does Shawn Hunter live in?
  5. In the episode, 'Cory's Alternative Friends', Cory over hears two girls talking about a boy and Cory misinterprets it leading him to think that they're gossiping about his hair. Cory then asks Shawn if he's a "brillow head", Shawn then states, "Nah I would say you're more like a _____." What does Shawn describe Cory's hair as?
  6. In BMW, Topanga uses this twice to draw on her face for Cory.
  7. When Cory says, "I have seen the promised land!" What was he referring to?
  8. Who is Shawn Hunter played by?
  9. In what season does Eric Matthews cut his hair short? Hint: Rachel asks him what will he do when it grows back, he responds with it can't grow back, I got a receipt!
  10. What is Shawn Hunters Fathers name?
  11. What main character was not on the last episode?
  12. How did Eric and Jack first meet Rachel?
  13. On the last episode, what were Mr. Feeny's last words?
  14. There is currently a spin off series of 'Boy Meets World', what is it entitled?

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