Are YOU an expert of Boy Meets World?

Boy Meets World may sound like nothing to some people, but where I stand, it means so, so, so, so much to me! It's not just another show on tv, and this isn't "just another quiz" take it to find out why

Are YOU a true Boy Meets World fan? Now, this quiz IS difficult, so are you ready to see if you qualify as a true fan? Take this quiz to find out what you know and what you don't about BMW!!

Created by: Jenna

  1. First, let's start out with a fairly simple question. How many seasons are there of Boy Meets World?
  2. How many different actors played Topanga's Father?
  3. What was the name of the teacher that Cory thought was Harley Kiener? Hint: He later took in Shawn when Shawns Mother ran away.
  4. Now, it's getting a little bit more difficult. When Eric mentions to Cory in season one that he thinks Cory is jealous that Topanga likes Eric, Cory says. "Oh yeah, I'm jealous, that's just what I want, to be Topangas boyfriend, and then we can name our kids _______ and ______." What are the weird names that Cory says?
  5. When Cory is going through regular changes that all boys go through during puberty, what does he think is happening to him?
  6. What word does Cory use to describe the opposite of funny?
  7. Who is the creator of Boy Meets World?
  8. In what season do both Topanga and Eric worry about their weight gain?
  9. Did Eric and Rachel ever date?
  10. When playing the Marriage Game, how did eric spell Penguin?
  11. When did Cory start to like Topanga
  12. Where did Cory go with Shawn and 'the guys' when he took off his wedding ring and then lost it?
  13. What is the date that BMW first aired?
  14. What episode did Ben Savage's (Cory's) brother play in?
  15. In season 6, in the episode when Chet Hunter (Shawns Father) died, what did Rachel think gave him his heart attack that caused his death?
  16. In what episode does Angela leave, to not ever return back to Boy Meets World?
  17. How many siblings does Shawn have in all?
  18. Why did Topanga cut her hair?
  19. For Cory, what were his least two favorite parts about himself?
  20. True or False: At Corys Wedding, Shawn and Eric got in a huge fight
  21. When Topanga first tells Cory that she loves him too, what does Cory toss back to her?
  22. How many actors was Morgan played by?
  23. What are the names of Cory's parents?
  24. What is Cory Matthews little brothers full name?
  25. Lastly, who becomes Topangas legal caretaker when her parents are in Pittsburg?

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