How well do you know boy meets world?

Boy Meets World. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the show.Find out if you are a true fan or not of the show Boy Meets World. Thank you for participating.

Boy Meets World was a show that started back in the 90's. If you were a kid back then you might remember it. It is also being aired again today. Take this quiz to find out how much you know.

Created by: honeytoast

  1. What did Shawn and Cory get arrested for?
  2. By the end of the show Corrie's parents have how many children?
  3. What is Corrie's brothers name?
  4. What is Corrie Matthews little sisters name?
  5. Boy meets world was originally aired on which TV station?
  6. When Corrie and Topanga get married Corrie gets what kind of strange furniture for their apartment?
  7. In the episode where Shawn's dreaming that there is a killer on the loose killing all of his friends who is the killer at the end? And why is he killing people?
  8. Which one is NOT true about Mr. Feeny?
  9. Which one of these was NOT an episode?
  10. Who does Shawn live with when his father leaves town to find Shawn's mother?
  11. Who dies in the show?
  12. Which one of these is true.
  13. Shawn was once kidnapped by a group of girls that tied him up. Why did they do this?
  14. Who does Eric live with in college?
  15. What did Shawn's mother say when she found bills in the microwave?
  16. What else did Shawn's mother take when she left?
  17. What did Mr. Turner often wear?
  18. What did Mr. Turner drive?
  19. In one episode Corrie and Shawn snuck off to feeny's cabin and got caught by feeny. What item did they drop down the drain that was a gift from feeny's wife?
  20. In one episode Corrie was upset with his looks, he thought he looked like what? He also put a picture of it up in his locker as a mirror.
  21. When Topanga's parents moved who did she go live with?
  22. In one episode Corrie, Shawn, and Eric were stuck on the subway for new years eve with with Eric's supermodel date. Why did they end up on the subway?
  23. Corrie once dated a girl named Tk. who was her bother?

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