How Well do you Know Boy Meets World? (Easy)

Are you ready to test your knowledge of Boy Meets World? Now you can with this quiz! You can find out if you're a true fan of the show. I hope you do well!

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Created by: RealistErin

  1. What high school did they go to?
  2. Who was Cory's teacher all his life?
  3. Who played Morgan in the first two seasons?
  4. Topanga's parent's names changed a lot throughout the seasons. What were their names originally?
  5. Who was Eric's best friend in the first two seasons?
  6. Who said this?: "I'm too cute to stay home!"
  7. Who said this?: "Double D's, just like your grades."
  8. Who said this?: "I don't understand anything about my entire life."
  9. Who said this?: "Your friends are stinkin' liars, Shawn paid them $50 each, and I wouldn't use this dress to wipe my a-" *gets taken out of the room*
  10. Who said this: "You lied to Topanga! Read the Bible!"
  11. Who said this?: "I'm a damsel but not the distressed kind one who's in complete control of her destiny."
  12. How do you think you did?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Boy Meets World? (Easy)