Do You Know Boy Meets World?

If youve hit puberty by now then you should remember a show called boy meets world... holla. and if you used to love it, then prove your love and take this dum dum quiz. if you do really well, then youre good enough to marry me. all i need is a woman...or a man that loves topanga (in the middle years) as much as i do

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Created by: Taylor Hoyt

  1. (we'll start out basic and get more difficult) Who is the main character of Boy Meets World?
  2. What was the main career that Eric Matthews wanted to pursue? (in more than one episode)
  3. What was the name of the psycho dandelions girl??
  4. What was a sport Corey Matthews played for a team?
  5. What magical power does Eric get when he sneezes? (only for one episode)
  6. After what event did Corey get his first kiss?
  7. Where was Corey's dad's employeed in the early years?
  8. What was the name of the school janitor (for most of the episodes)?
  9. What was the name of the main bully in the freshman year for Corey and Shawn?
  10. Who was the girl that Corey rode with to a drive in movie on a date?
  11. Who does Shawn call to ask about hair straightening products?
  12. What were Shawn's cousins and the trailer park gang stealing, that corey caught on camera?
  13. Who did eric get to kiss on the halloween character?
  14. What did corey carve while on his honeymoon?
  15. from which other tv show did an animal guest star on boy meets world?
  16. what were the last words of the series?
  17. while on the roadtrip, what was the main attraction in the town that caused people never to go home?
  18. what country did corey lose his memory in?
  19. When did corey meet lauren?
  20. what song did all the guys, mr feeney, alan, eric, jack, all of to?
  21. what did shawn measure coreys love for topanga and lauren with?
  22. corey played what instrument in his band?
  23. what was jacks profession in shangrela? ...the black and white episode
  24. what did corey not do while pursuing topanga in disney world?
  25. what was in the box of valuable items that eric found in the attic?
  26. what happened to mr.turner after the motorcycle wreck?
  27. what does shawn find in the purse that was lost?
  28. what does corey do after he pushes his dad down?
  29. what did the dream where corey murdered all of his friends symbolize?
  30. when corey and the gang go on the ski trip, why did lauren say you could see the stars so much better in the mountains?
  31. when does the theme song say eric will comb his hair in his dream of having his own t.v. show?
  32. what comparison does mr feeny relate corey and topanga to when corey asks him for advice about moving to new york?
  33. at the "20 year reunion" who says they named their kids little corey and little topanga?
  34. what type of animal did playswithsquirrels say he married?
  35. what is chet eating when he has a heart attack and ultimately dies? (it was referenced to throughout the episode)
  36. what was the name of the monkey that the organ-grinder had to borrow the money to buy?
  37. what was amy (the mom) pretending to do when she was secretly going on dates with alan?
  38. where does corey take mr feenys neice to when she comes in town (for one episode)?
  39. where does mr feeney retire to?
  40. what was the name of the teacher that corey hit?

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