How Devon Are You?

Devon. The most amazing place in the whole of Englandshire. Shame it's wedged between Cornwall and Somerset, but you can't win 'em all... With all our diverse culture and that, I thought it best a quiz was made to tell the real Devonians from the fakes.

So, are you a true Devonian? Or do you only know your way around Torquay seafront in the summer season? If you're wondering, or even just bored, take this quiz to find out...

Created by: Pez of Me
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  1. How be 'ackin' me 'anzum?
  2. What is the name of the largest place in Devon?
  3. How many cities are in Devon?
  4. How many coastlines does Devon have?
  5. How many other counties have this number of coastlines?
  6. Kernow a'gas dynergh!
  7. Us better be maakin' tracks...
  8. Best band ever?
  9. What moor is entirely in Devon?
  10. What three colours make up the Devon flag?
  11. And what to these symbolise?
  12. Which of these do you have the most of in a cream tea?
  13. Why don't we just link up the whole Westcountry into one county?
  14. Which is the best county?
  15. Drink up ye...
  16. Who are the Gulls?
  17. Are your sister and your cousin the same person?
  18. How long have you lived in Devon?

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Quiz topic: How Devon am I?