Are You A Pwoper Muser?

Muse are a 3 piece band from Teignmouth, Devon. They are hugely successful and have a fanbase of millions. Some are casual listeners and others are hardcore fans.

Where do you fall? Are you just a normal listener or a "Pwoper Muser"? Either way, take this quiz and you'll soon find out! Don't cheat because that is not fun and intelligent just don't.

Created by: Matt
  1. Easy one, when were Muse formed?
  2. Which of these is NOT a name of one of Matt's guitars?
  3. Which album has the most songs?
  4. What is Dom Howard's Instagram?
  5. Which of these was not a location for the 2015 Psycho UK Tour?
  6. When was Drones released?
  7. Which song off Drones does Matt say is his favourite?
  8. Where is the Muse mural?
  9. When was the first fan presale for the Drones World Tour tickets?
  10. What is Matt's greatest fear?
  11. Which one of the band is left handed?
  12. Finish the correct, but incorrect lyrics: Now that you know I'm trapped...
  13. Why is Bing (Matt's son) called Bing?
  14. Which of these TV shows isn't known to be a favourite of one of the band members?
  15. In response to a fan on Twitter, who tweeted a meme of Matt with a carried bag on his head, how did Matt say that made him feel?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Pwoper Muser?