Are You Really A Muse Fan?

There are many Muse fans out there but 90% percent of them are posers and only like them because of Stephenie Meyer. If you think you are a pwoper muser than take this test and you will find out!

Are YOU a true muse fan? Do you hate it when twilight fans sing your favorite songs? Then come here to be tested on your Muse knowledge only the true Muse fans will pass!

Created by: Samantha

  1. What year did the band Muse become Active?
  2. What was Matt Bellamy's very first Instrument he played?
  3. What was Muse's very first single?
  4. Can Matt Bellamy read music well?
  5. What Tour was the longest?
  6. Where did Muse get their start?
  7. Out of the following concerts, which one was the biggest?
  8. Who out of the band is the youngest?
  9. Who has the bad vocals?
  10. Has Muse at least won one American Music award?

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Quiz topic: Am I Really A Muse Fan?