How much do you know about Muse?

Muse is an incredible band, the "21st century Rush and Queen successor" I like to call them at times. They have 7 albums as of 2015, and have become pretty famous among people these days. Their songs are amazing and have very interesting trivial facts.

But, the question is, do you know a lot about Muse? Are you allowed to call yourself a true Muse fan? Only your brain can tell you, and by doing this short quiz, you'll be able to know in only a few short minutes!

Created by: Joseph Kuester
  1. What is the song on the album 'Drones' that first appeared on the Pyscho UK live tour, then was revealed officially later?
  2. What song was the first to feature any sort of profanity or "inappropriate" words?
  3. Where was the scene for the Panic Station video?
  4. How many members are in the band?
  5. Who is the lead singer/guitarist?
  6. What was the 5th song on the 4th album?
  7. What song on the 3rd album had its own originally created piano concerto/solo in the middle of it?
  8. What song of Muse is only about half a minute?
  9. What is the final song on Hullaballoo's 2nd Disc?
  10. What song was all about the lead singer mad about his dad divorcing and calling him a monster?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Muse?