How much are you obsessed with Muse?

This quiz is for Muse real fans and some of the questions are really hard, I think. You must be totally obsessed with them to answer these questions right.

If you think you love Muse and can't live without them, try this. And don't blame me if you get any different result. I tried my best to make the questions really hard. Oh, and sorry for my English. I'm a Muser from Slovakia.

Created by: Monika

  1. What was their first name?
  2. Where are they from?
  3. How old was Matt when he started to play the guitar?
  4. Which of their songs is about psychic disorder?
  5. What special thing can Matt do?
  6. How many kids does Chris have?
  7. Why did Dom wear his yellow trousers quite a lot?
  8. What's the name of Matt's previous girlfriend from Italy?
  9. What was their first song? (I know, hard question)
  10. "I'm sick of feeling my soul to people who'll never know just how purposeless and empty they've grown" are the lyrics from the song?

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Quiz topic: How much am I obsessed with Muse?