Are You a Good Listener?

There are many good listeners, many horrible listeners and many amazingly awesome listeners. What is a listener? Someone who listens to you. Dur duh.

Are YOU a good listener? Or a bad listener? Or an amazing listener? You can for sure find out what type of listener you are with this pretty good quiz right here.

Created by: rappernamedtomboy123

  1. what is actively listening?
  2. someone is talking about a really boring subject. do you listen?
  3. someone is bragging. do you listen?
  4. your friend says something you do not agree with. do you speak up?
  5. someones crying. do you help them feel better?
  6. okay... a story is on the next question. pay close attention...
  7. ... a man is walking through the woods when he hears a woman's cry for help. he sprints through the woods, runs into two trees and almost trips, but eventually he finds a 23-year-old woman who's head is stuck in-between two moldy trees. she is trying to get out but cannot. so the man helps the woman out of the tree, and she runs off to a blue and white cottage where she is greeted by six kids and another man. the man feels like the woman was ungrateful, but he runs back to his destination, hops in his Ford Pickup and drives off to his apartment and six days later he finds the love of his life.
  8. what did he do when he heard the woman screaming?
  9. how old was the woman?
  10. what was the condition of the trees that the woman was stuck in?
  11. when the woman ran back to her cottage, how many people was she greeted by?
  12. the man finds the love of his life in HOW many days later?
  13. sorry about the whole story thing. it was very, very boring. how do you think you did?
  14. someone is annoying the crud out of you. are you able to contine listening?
  15. this quiz was boring... am i right?

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