Alison Krauss and Union Station Quiz!

AKUS. Alison Krauss and Union Station. Award winning Bluegrass/Country band for several different US states, all raised into the BLuegrass festival lifestyle, simply born to play music.

But how well do YOU know our tresured pickers? Are you lacking AKUS information or do you know every nook and cranny of their highly eventful lives? Are you just an AKUS listener, or do YOU crave their every detail? But are you really the fan you think you are? You'll soon find out!

Created by: Jay
  1. How old was Alison Krauss when she released her first solo album?
  2. Which company sponsered AKUS's Lonely still runs both ways tour?
  3. Which out of the following bands, has Alison NOT produced an album for?
  4. In which year did Dan Tyminski join Union Station?
  5. Dan Tyminski won several awards for his vocals in the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?". But with which record company was the soundtrack for this film made?
  6. Which sport does Dan Tyminski take part in when not recording or touring?
  7. On how many albums has Jerry Douglas played on?
  8. Where did Jerry Douglas grow up?
  9. In which year did Douglas release his first solo album "Fluxology"?
  10. How old was Ron Block when he recieved his first guitar?
  11. Who recorded the song "You're in my Heart" written by Ron Block?
  12. Ron Blocks first solo project was called "Faraway Land", but when was it released?
  13. Which instrument did Barry Bales begin to learn when he was 10?
  14. When did Bales join AKUS and playing which instrument?
  15. Which of the following artists has Barry Bales NOT preformed or recorded with?
  16. In which year was Alison born?
  17. Where did Alison Krauss grow up?
  18. How old was Alison when she won the fiddle contest at Walnut Valley Festival?
  19. From the age of 10, Alison had her own band. What was the name of this band?
  20. Which album was AKUS promoting when they created their Live CD/DVD?
  21. Where was their Live DVD filmed?

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