London Underground Station or Fictional Fantasy Location?

Time to test your knowledge of London and fantasy geography with a little quiz that throws increasingly difficult place names at you and makes you categorize whether they're London Underground stations, or locations from fantasy literature.

Think of this quiz like a 'Dis or Dat' from You Don't Know Jack. Your job is to choose whether each item is a London Underground Station, or a location from some fictional fantasy world. Knowledge of fantasy literature or the London underground will help you. Don't cheat and look it up, either. Cheaters never prosper. Oh, and try to go as fast as you can. That's the point, after all!

Created by: Jason
  1. Hogsmeade
  2. Hammersmith
  3. Manor House
  4. King's Landing
  5. Oakwood
  6. Mirkwood
  7. Ironrock
  8. Tear
  9. Oval
  10. Ravenscourt Park
  11. Castle Ravenloft
  12. Glasswater Creek
  13. Mudchute
  14. Fairlop
  15. Kalte
  16. Toad Hall
  17. Blackhorse Road
  18. Alperton
  19. Willowsby
  20. Brackenwall Village
  21. Theydon Bois

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