Which London Borough Are You?

Have you ever wondered where in London you really belong? Where you can feel truly at home? Which neighbourhood has people who will really understand you?

Well, take this simple 10-question quiz and find out your true home. Whether you belong to the lovely terraced streets of Islington or the hip bar scene of Camden, this quiz will allow you to base your identity on a narrow and cliched stereotype of London cliques. What more could you ask?

Created by: picklehead82
  1. You're having a few friends over for dinner. Who's on the guest list?
  2. While we're at it, what's on the menu?
  3. It's Saturday night. You will most likely be found ...
  4. Your ideal date is:
  5. You're in your car, listening to a CD. What car, and what CD?
  6. Religion?
  7. Where do you holiday?
  8. What is your ideal job?
  9. What are your children's names?
  10. Which of these would be most embarrassing for you?

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Quiz topic: Which London Borough am I?