Are you really from the "Borough"

There are many people who want to be from "The Mighty Ol' Borough", But only few are really priveledged to have lived there....Maybe someday you will though.

Do you think you know all there is to know about "Roxborough"...Could you be a Historian for the area that we all love? Take this quiz to see if you know "All about the Borough"

Created by: Jenn
  1. What is the name of the weekly newspaper
  2. Although you never need an excuse to party it up in the "Borough", What is the 1 unofficial party day of the year
  3. How many 7-Eleven's are on Ridge Ave from where the custard stands are, to Andorra Shopping Center..
  4. When you say you are going "Back the Crick (Really pronounced CREEK)", Where are you going
  5. If you are on "The Black Top", Where are you
  6. What used to be across the street from Hair Cuttery on Ridge Ave. about 20 years ago (around 1987 and before)?
  7. How many movie theaters were in the Rox/Manayunk area in the 80's to the early 90's?
  8. Where is "Chubby's"
  9. What is the "Farm School" or as some might refer to it as "The Moo Moo" School..
  10. What street was the "sinking house" on? The house that had all the water around it..

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Quiz topic: Am I really from the "Borough"