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The John Burroughs-Black Creek Trail is a great place to have fun, see the local natural beauty, and learn about local history. Eventually it will be a hike-bike-and-paddle trail from the Walkway Over the Hudson to Slabsides at the John Burroughs Preserve and finally it will reach the Black Creek Preserve, back on the Hudson River.

Do you have what it takes to complete the Walkway to Slabsides challenge? Take this quiz with you as you explore the John Burroughs-Black Creek trail on foot, on a bike, or in a boat! You may wish to complete the trail in sections over the course of several visits. However you explore, enjoy!

Created by: Tom
  1. Name a fish that lives in the Hudson River
  2. What kind of bridge was the Walkway Over the Hudson before it was open to the public?
  3. What can you see along the Hudson Valley Rail Trail?
  4. What is a common bird seen at Chodikee Lake?
  5. What kind of animals benefit from the ponds and forests around Slabsides?
  6. Why was John Burroughs's cabin called Slabsides?
  7. Which famous visitors did John Burroughs welcome to Slabsides?
  8. What did John Burroughs famously grow at Slabsides?
  9. Where did John Burroughs bring his famous guests near Slabsides?
  10. What trees are getting sick at the Black Creek Forest Preserve?
  11. What fish grow at the Black Creek Preserve?

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