How Breton are you?

Brittany is a lovely place with a unique character and the Bretons are proud of their language and history. Find out how much you know about it in this light-hearted quiz.

From Kouing-Amann to Chouchen and fruits de mer, there are lots of local delicacies. Find out how much you know about the food and local customs in this light-hearted quiz.

Created by: Elijah

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  1. How might you eat a galette?
  2. What is Paris-Brest?
  3. Who is the patron saint of Brittany?
  4. What would you do at a pardon?
  5. What might you do at a kermesse?
  6. What is a far?
  7. What is the modern name of Asterix's homeland?
  8. A 'greve' is a...
  9. A bourg is a...
  10. What or who were 'chouans'?
  11. What would you do in Quimper?
  12. Dol-de-Bretagne is...
  13. Dinan is...
  14. Dinard is...
  15. 'yec'hed mat' in Breton means:

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Quiz topic: How Breton am I?