The Great Seneca Creek is an amazing place- it is filled with wildlife, habitats, And amazing history! There is so much to explore there, and it is a beautiful place to be.

This quiz will test your knowledge of the Great Seneca Creek. If you have to guts and the information, take this short quiz and see if you area creek expert!

Created by: The intermediates

  1. Who began the construction of Seneca Creek's trail?
  2. Where does the American Beaver typically live?
  3. What are the two major contributory systems to Seneca Creek?
  4. What are the noises a Greater Siren Salamander sometimes makes?
  5. When did the Seneca Creek trail begin?
  6. Where is the Great Seneca Creek located?
  7. What are some things American Beavers eat?
  8. Did a single person maintain the Trail's construction for the entire period of time?
  9. True or false: The Great Seneca Creek increases in volume as more sources flow into it.
  10. How long can the Greater Siren Salamanders grow?
  11. What is the second step of the frog's life cycle?

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