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The Ultimate North Jersey Quiz

North Jersey... it's a place... it's a state of mind... it's a way of life. We've got it all at our fingertips right here, yessir. Just don't call us the sixth borough of NYC or insinuate that we're a vast toxic waste dump. We can get a little touchy about that.

So hey why don't you go ahead and answer the questions below. This quiz will tell you how North Jersey you are. Do your best and see how you compare against the rest. Good luck!

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
Let's get this out of the way:
Italian Sub or simply "Sub"
Submarine Sandwich
Ever argue over whether Z100, K-Rock, or WPLJ is the best?
KTU or Hot 97 is the best
What happens if you make a wrong turn in Paterson or Newark at night?
Time to s--- your pants
Stay calm and hope you find something familiar
I don't know
When do you start making your plans for Memorial Day weekend?
Nothing.. I don't make plans
I don't make plans, but I I figure I'll crash at someone's place down the shore
How sick are you of hearing about the traffic on the BQE, the Major Deegan, or the FDR Drive?
Yeah! I'm sick of hearing about traffic on roads I never use!
Hey, I actually use those roads!
I've never heard of those roads
Speaking of useless reports, what do you think about alternate side of the street parking rules?
WTF, I hear about that every day and I don't care!
Hey I actually DO care about that!
I really have no idea what you're talking about
What do you think of South Jersey?
Except for the shore, it may as well be a foreign country to me
The way it was depicted in the movie Nothing But Trouble is totally accurate
Hey shut up, South Jersey is great
I really don't know anything about the difference between North and South Jersey
Why do you go to the Meadowlands?
Giants, Jets, Nets, or Devils games
Flea Market
Horse racing
The Meadowlands fair
I don't go to the Meadowlands
You probably had trouble picking just one of the above. How many of those answers actually apply to you?
Just one
None, except the last one about not going there
Lenni Lenape means what?
That's Bon Jovi's drummer
It's a bar in Hoboken
It was the Indian tribe that inhabited the area
It's an Irish blessing popular in New Jersey
A little word association: Mecca is to Muslims as Paramus is to...
..nature lovers
Are you a pro at navigating the overpasses near the Willowbrook Mall?
Yeah totally
No way. I try to avoid it!
I know not of the overpasses of which you speak
What's the furthest west you've ever been?
Midwest, like Ohio or Illinois
West coast
Hawaii or similar
Bloomberg is...
..governor of NJ
..governor of NY
..mayor of NYC
..governor of PA idea
Ever drive through Mahwah, Saddle River or Franklin Lakes just to gawk at the huge houses?
Heck, I live there
Ever been to the Elvis House around Christmas?
Do you remember school field trips to Liberty Science Center or Ellis Island?
Do you remember Jungle Habitat or Action Park?
No, but I heard about them
Worst part of going down the shore:
Litter on the beach, stuff floating in the water
The godforsaken traffic on the parkway
Too expensive!
I have no clue
If you were going to go from the Parsippany/Morristown area to the Newark area, which highway would you take?
The parkway
Which of these doesn't belong:
Jersey City
White Plains
Most people who live in Ridgewood are poor or working class, true or false?
Coach House, Tick Tock, Nevada, Versailles, and Matthews are all what?
Stores in the Garden State Plaza mall
Upscale restaurants
North Jersey county names
Have you ever heard a person pronounce New Jersey like "New Joizee"?
Only idiots who think they are imitating a New Jersey accent
But isn't that how New Jerseyans talk?

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